Sunday, May 22, 2016

Travel blog

I posted the address to my everyday blog, but wanted to also invite you to read my travel blog.

Jessi on the go

I'm moving.

It's been a rough year and I've neglected the blog greatly.
I've decided to start fresh, with a new vigor for updating!

Please visit, and follow, my new blog here:

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Leah Day Block Party #2

I shared with you the piecing of my second block, here is the quilting.  First up- a video that shows how I quilted it. It's sped up, so it's mostly to get an idea of how I moved around the block:

Here is my finished block. I have a hard time quilting so big. It is so much quicker, but man, small is easier!  I wish I hadn't decided to use red thread last month, because this design doesn't look so great.

And the back:

This has been a fun project to do. So often I just stipple on quilts, so it is fun to practice other skills too.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

I made something!

After getting addicted to Atelier on Netflix (it's in Japanese- the acting style is weird, but it got really addictive to read it and see such pretty fabrics...) I decided I wanted to learn to sew bras. Turns out it was a huge blogging trend like a year ago, so apparently I'm late to the game.  But that meant Craftsy had a class for it (actually, now 3 of them! I've taken two...)  and lots and lots of bloggers had reviewed a lot of patterns!

I settled on Watson from Cloth Habit.  And I bought a kit from Tailor Made Shop on Etsy. Having someone else figure out exactly what supplies I needed made this easy!

And yesterday I made my very first bra!  (My "dress form" is a bit fatter and a bit flatter than me, since it's a pillow- but you get the idea...)
You can see it isn't perfect.  I need to get used to sewing to the very edge of the elastic so the fabric folds over nicely. I missed in a few places.  I also used the wrong elastic for the straps, which then means I used the wrong one for the ribcage band. The straps were supposed to be a pretty patterned elastic, but it looked too thick, so I used a different one. So now the straps just look like elastic...
Another look- this was more successful than the matching bikini bottom, mostly because I learned just how little you need to stretch the elastic.

And my big mistake: I thought I did well with the seam allowance, but I must not have, because my band turned out much narrower than the hook and eye fittings.  I might try to find single hook fittings and switch these out.  But it's underwear, no one sees this!  Except you guys- but y'all won't tell, right?

I have leftover fabric that I am trying to dye, and so far it looks like the fabric is taking the dye beautifully, so I will make a second one. I have elastic in my stash but will need to find all the notions. I might tear apart an old bra that doesn't fit to get the metal pieces, those don't go bad!

I had trouble with a few things on this.  First- I broke two needles. The first one was because I was using my quarter inch foot, and well, you can't zig-zag with that. Oops. The second was when I was sewing the strap onto the bra, I hit a ring. Needles don't go through metal.  The second was with my machine "eating" the fabric when starting new seams. I ended up using a "leader" like you do in quilting- a small piece of fabric that I stitched on, and then lined my new fabric up with it. That worked just fine.

One other lesson learned: when searching "Watson Bra" to look for tutorials or blog reviews, make sure to add "sewing". Otherwise you get photos of Emma Watson in a bikini.

After I make another of these, I'm going to eventually try underwire and foam cup bras. The only problem is the bras I wear are really cheap- and to make those will be really expensive... so it's kind of hard to justify- but man it's so much fun!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


This post is just testing a badge for a bloglovin program.  (Bloglovin is the feed reader I use ever since google reader disappeared.)

Monday, February 15, 2016

President's Day Quilt Block

Yesterday I completed this month's Block Party square from Leah Day's block of the month sew along. It involved making flying geese and then sewing them to a rectangle to create a block. I thought "why wouldn't you just sew them to a square and not have a seam in the middle of your block  So then I made this block to see what that would look like.  (I also made up a new design so I wouldn't have two of the same block in my quilt!) Leah's quilt a long has 12 blocks already, so I will either replace one with this block or make a few extra blocks and make the quilt larger.

Today I took a different approach to the video- I recorded pressing instead of sewing! 

I wanted to make this one really quick- it was about 45 minutes total in the sewing room and edited together really quick.  I hope you enjoy this insight into my sewing room!

You'll note that my piecing isn't perfect. I'm still practicing!  When sewing the 3 block rows together I pinned the first one, and it was a little off. So I didn't pin the second- and it was a little off.  SIGH!


Today is President's day and I'm off work. I made a quilt block this morning (took about 45 minutes)- and made a video of it. I will share it in a blogpost as soon as it is uploaded to youtube.

I also plan to spend most of the day on the couch eating cookie dough and reading Little House on the Prairie books- but first I wanted to see if I could get just one of you to sign up for swagbucks. (They are doing a promotion and I need one referral! But I'd gladly take more!)

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