Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yarn Weekend!

It has been one crazy yarn weekend.

Here's what has gone on:

1) Saturday Morning begins with a package from Jimmy Beans Wool. (Awesome yarn shop btw). I got a beautiful teal Merino Lace from Skacel, a gorgeous skein of Noro sock yarn to weave with, and 2 skeins of Black Purl color in Lorna's Laces Green Line DK (not sure if this is for weaving or a monster.)

2) My knitting patterns arrived in my email inbox. Um- the "I can only get one" didn't work. I got 5. (It's a very very good deal to get 5- highly recommend a visit to Danger Craft's etsy shop.)

3) I finished up the golf club cover I started for my Dad earlier this week. (A repair of the one I made previously and he got holes in.)

4) I dyed 2 skeins of yarn for a swap blanket swap. I think I am now done swapping, as I have what I think is enough yarn for my blanket. I believe the blanket is at 35% done!! It's looking really nice. I did a few blocks on the blanket too.

5) I knit Maddox the monster (pictured). He was SUPER quick, but knitting tightly on big needles kind of hurts my hand.

6) I finished the Rainbow sock I started knitting on the trip to Texas. Now I have to do another. I think maybe the sock obsession is waning.

7) I knit a few rows on the scarf that will never end. Not sure if I have ever even posted about it. It was supposed to be 1 skein, but that didn't work out and I had to trade really gorgeous Jade kettle-dyed stroll for more green since it's discontinued. Same dyelot, but they don't match at all :(

8) I bought cheapo yarn at Walmart to make another monster at- Daphne and Delilah is up next!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Remember me? I was the one who used to post on this blog, but haven't in ages because I have nothing to say.

Here's the quick update: still working on the sock blanket, swapping yarn like crazy for it (it's an addition I must stop!), had a fantastic time during my trip to Texas, decided soapmaking isn't for me, no longer ice skating, now I'm taking tap dance classes, and I want to knit a monster.

Wait- monster? What?

Okay- so I just found out about Danger Craft. Seriously are these things not the cutest things ever? I want a monster for myself, but really- they can't breed here. I need children to knit for! OH WAIT! I have nephews (and a niece who isn't quite monster ready.)

Now, I'll change the colors to suit boys, but which monster do you like better? Are these good for a 5 year old too? Or just for the young-uns?

So should it be Daphne and Delilah
Or Penelope?

I'm leaning towards Penelope as being more cuddly, but the 2-in-1 monster has lots of play value.

I also really love Tofu the Dachsund but after my last disasterous toy making experience (a camel from "Knit a square, make a toy"- it ended up as a square pillow.) I'm hesitant to make anything that has to look like anything else.

Now- the most obvious answer is "get both". But for me, these are kind of expensive patterns (yes, I'm spoiled by free. And there are lots of free toy patterns on Ravelry- but I want to buy from this designer because I think she is brilliant!) so I kind of only want to get one. AND if the boys (or I) really love them, she's coming out with a book in January- and the book of like 20 patterns costs the same as 2 individual patterns. I wish the book was out now- January is, unfortunately after Christmas.

So who will it be? Daphne or Penelope?
(Photos from the etsy shop.)