Sunday, September 7, 2014

A final photo

This is my final post in the BBQA series- use the tags at the bottom to see the posts about the individual blocks.

This quilt was a GREAT experience for me. I almost didn't do it, because I'm not a beginner. But everyone can use practice.  I did learn some new piecing methods (curved seams, which aren't really part of the pattern; paper piecing, the house blocks, and the handle for the basket). I also got to practice my precision on well known blocks.  None of the quilting was new to me, but much of it (especially circles) needed practice. I'd never done marked quilting either.  I think my favorite thing about this was that it gave me something to quilt that was a small time commitment, just a weekend of quilting every month.  It certainly isn't perfect, and I'm not sure I grew as a quilter, but I got to quilt- and that's what I wanted.  But if you are a new quilter- the skills covered by Leah in this pattern are just phenomenal. The video support especially is great.

The quilt is put together with quilt-as-you-go sashing. This is the third time I've done this, and the third method I've tried.  This I think is my favorite.  A few don't line up well, but that was when I was using pins. When I switched the magic clips, they got much closer to lining up (nothing I do is perfect).  The last few rows were tough to wrestle through the machine, but overall, I really liked the method. You could hand sew for invisible sashing, but there was no way I was doing that.

I did hand sew the binding to the back, so it does not have a line.  Here is what it looks like altogether! You should be able to click to see this photo larger. (And thankfully the dark marks on the basket blocks did wash out...)

The quilt is now hanging in our front entry way.  I used a blind-hem method of putting the hanging strip on and you cannot see it AT ALL.  Very impressed with this idea, and so thankful I ran across the tutorial.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Block 12: Sawtooth Star

Excuse the formatting on this post: the photos would NOT go where I wanted them!

And the final block of the quilt-a-long (which I guess I didn't quilt along very well, since I started late and ended early...)  This was a really neat exercise in learning to piece new blocks while getting to focus on what I really like- quilting.

I really like how these blocks turned out. I did well piecing the star, but then when I put on the border I lost a lot of points :(  Guess I need some more practice.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Block 11: Wonky Stars

This was a fun block to do- you laid out four 12 inch squares then slash cut 5 lines into them in the shape of a star. Then you rearranged the two colors and pieced them back together again.  Very cool technique.

Not much else to say, so enjoy the photos. Again, I modified Leah's quilting designs a bit.


Monday, September 1, 2014

Block 10: Baskets

The part of the basket that was a challenge was making the handle. It was turned against a piece of freezer paper, and was difficult to get to really curve.

I used a gluestick to hold it down while machine appliqueing in place, and despite using these gluesticks many times before, it looks like after I rinsed the blocks the glue came through and caused dark marks.  I hope when I wash the quilt in the washing machine it just washes out all the way. I haven't had that happen before, and really dislike the dark marks!  You can't really tell from far away, so I'm not too worried about it.

I did three sets of blocks this weekend, and got a bit tired of marking, so I just did a few lines to give me a sense of the pattern and did the rest freehand. I also changed the designs a bit on these blocks and the next two sets. I was ready to be done- and some of them were just too tedious to mark or quilt.

I had all these baskets rotated so that they were point to the bottom left, and none uploaded that way.  Oh well, you still get the idea.

This weekend I also did all the sashing!  The quilt is 90% done- just have to hand stitch the binding now (which will take forever...)