Sunday, February 27, 2011

Finishing up, in the middle, just starting

I finished my Cusp socks. I am LOVING! Cookie A's Knit. Sock. Love. book. I've never made so many projects from the same book before. This pattern is pretty unique because it starts on the back of the leg and wraps around to the front. The gusset is totally different from any I've ever done- the decreases are incorporated into the pattern, not at the sides like all the other ones. (After you have decreased enough, you then have to start adding stitches back in to make up for the pattern decreases.)

The yarn is one of my favorites- Wollmeise 80/20 in "Neptun". I actually have another skein of this yarn (this one came in a grab bag, that one I had bought a few years earlier). I can't decide if I want to try to sell it, or just hold onto it to pet lovingly for being so pretty.

So what am I in the middle of?
Well, the first Cookie A sock club packet came and it is as awesome as I thought it would be. I'm not going to post details until next month, as there are still some people who haven't received their yarn yet. There were 2 sock patterns, 2 cookie recipes, and a skein of yarn. I'm one cuff into one of the socks, and I really like it. The yarn isn't really my style, but it's neat to break out of my box. And it is expensive- I would never have bought it for myself!

Also in the middle- the sock yarn blanket. I don't have a picture, but this weekend I wove in a bunch of ends, and added about 8 squares. It's getting bigger... this thing will take me at least another year though, I'm sure.

What's starting up? My Masters :)
I'm doing an M.Ed. in Mathematics Education through Lesley University.
My first course starts this week. The assignment technically doesn't begin until Monday, but it was posted Friday, so I'm spending the weekend getting started. I like to be ahead of the game, because I can really be a procrastinator if I don't. (There is just no middle ground.) I'm very nervous about this because a) my only online course in college didn't go so well, but that was very independent study, and this is very forum oriented, b) I haven't taken a class since the spring of 2004 (it's 2011! How did that happen), c) I'm not a teacher... and that will make some of this tough.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I should stick to knitting...

For Christmas I got a serger and some new patterns. Today I took both for a test ride.

This is Jalie 2910. It hasn't been hemmed yet, I'm trying to decide if I should hem it, or throw it away. I don't think it looks too bad- but it has issues. I wouldn't buy it in a store for one. The top is too big, and the bottom just a bit too small (but I don't think it looks too tight...) The torso is also too long, and the back too wide, so it bunches

I am not even sure HOW to go about hemming it due to so many layers of fabric in the front... I'm thinking about just copping out and doing a rolled hem. I asked Kevin how he thinks I should hem the sleeves, and he said "as close as possible to what they are at" - it is the perfect long sleeve length right now, isn't it. Yeah- this is supposed to be a 3-quarter length sleeve! Apparently I'm way little.

So what do you think? Is it a keeper?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's a knitter to do?

Leaving work in a blizzard but no scarf or hat? Reach into the knitting bag, surely something in there will keep you warm!

This picture is me when I got home yesterday.

And this is the finished scarf! I LOVE knitpicks Chroma yarn. It's exactly like Crystal Palace's Mochi yarn, except I don't hate it, it didn't fall apart, and it didn't turn my fingers blue!