Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blanket Update

A reader asked how my blanket was progressing, so I thought I'd show a picture. It's definetly getting there. You'll notice I also started adding a black edging to the bottom and sides to make it have a flat edge. Except the corners will be truncated, because it's just too difficult to figure out how to fix that :)

I'm really happy with the progress, and I think I have enough yarn to either complete it, or at least be very close. (I have 100 balls in my bag right now- that's enough for about 200 squares, then I have a swap of 40 coming- so that's 80 more squares, plus the leftovers of all the balls already here- so enough to make the blanket twice as big as it already is...) As such, I'm sad that I am no longer going to participate in swaps. That was probably the best part- getting so many gorgeous yarn colors, without having to buy each and every one of them!

And except for the Dye-it-Yourself swap I have outstanding, here is my last- and probably favorite swap. StimpyLab. I just love it. Here is her etsy shop link (she also makes cute stitch markers). She uses one of my favorite bases (one I have a bunch of to dye), and her color sense is great. Plus she uses a neat speckled technique, so it's really unique.

Oh, and I guess there is ONE other swap. I hit a Wollmeise update last Friday (um...ooops?) so I have 4 skeins of that coming and joined a swap for it. But it probably won't go into my blanket, but to a special wollmeise only throw pillow.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Monster Days...

So I finished another Monster. Really, I think I shouldn't have gotten these patterns. I remember the "Knit a Square, Make a Toy" disaster (a camel ended up being a pillow. It just would not work). And well, it turns out I'm not too good at 3D.

This one is Daphne of Daphne and Delilah. I decided not to make Delilah (the mini-monster that goes into the pocket) and put a bit of halloween candy into the pocket instead.

What I do like about this monster is she is a bit bigger- which I think makes her easy to play with. What I don't like is she looks all kinds of wonky.

Hopefully Cole will like her though. She goes into the mail this week.

Also, I thought I should share with you all that my husband is currently doing a magic trick with the dog. He got a bit stuck at the "pick a card" stage. Elsa carefully considered all the cards, but never settled on one. I think he assigned one to her. Then, when he told her to remember the card she did the thing where she swings her neck to the side (like the Sea Lions at Sea World do when they don't want to listen.) Now it appears he's given up.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


I LOVE my loom. It's so easy to weave scarves- something I NEVER knit (because they take so long.) Both of these were knit in just one weekend, 2 weekends in a row.

The first is a wide scarf I intend to wear by folding in half. It's warp is Knitpicks Stroll and it's weft is Noro Kureyon sock. Even after washing it's a little bit itchy, but I LOVE the colors. And my selvages are getting a bit better.

So this one I did last weekend- it is with Tahki Cotton Classic. I meant it to be a stash buster, the pink has been in my stash since college- but well, I had to buy the purple. Then, I loved making it so much I went and bought 2 colors of green so I can make another one!

No weaving this weekend. I wanted to start one, but didn't have time today, and need to do some knitting. My Dad still needs a headcover for his 3 wood.

I finished a monster for nephew in FtW- but today got the cutest call from him. He wants headcovers for HIS 1 wood- just like Papa's. Which means, now I have to go buy purple yarn.