Sunday, October 10, 2010

Monster Days...

So I finished another Monster. Really, I think I shouldn't have gotten these patterns. I remember the "Knit a Square, Make a Toy" disaster (a camel ended up being a pillow. It just would not work). And well, it turns out I'm not too good at 3D.

This one is Daphne of Daphne and Delilah. I decided not to make Delilah (the mini-monster that goes into the pocket) and put a bit of halloween candy into the pocket instead.

What I do like about this monster is she is a bit bigger- which I think makes her easy to play with. What I don't like is she looks all kinds of wonky.

Hopefully Cole will like her though. She goes into the mail this week.

Also, I thought I should share with you all that my husband is currently doing a magic trick with the dog. He got a bit stuck at the "pick a card" stage. Elsa carefully considered all the cards, but never settled on one. I think he assigned one to her. Then, when he told her to remember the card she did the thing where she swings her neck to the side (like the Sea Lions at Sea World do when they don't want to listen.) Now it appears he's given up.


Brad & Kimber said...

I LOVE this! It is such a sweet homemade toy! I don't know if many people call monsters sweet but it really is! I just love it!

The Asker said...

That monster is adorable! the stripes are fabulous. and what monster ISN'T a little wonky?

SuzyQ01 said...

I think this monster is adorable! As for Kevin and his card tricks - I had to laugh because I was picturing it in my mind and could totally see Elsa not cooperating! So cute :)