Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sewing today...

I didn't get a lot of sewing done this weekend (we had a fondue party last night, so we spend the day prepping.) But I did sew today.

First, I made another umpire bag for my nephew. The ones I mailed last Monday still haven't gotten there yet, and to will the post office to deliver them, I decided to mail a new one out tomorrow. This time I remembered to take a picture. You can see the lining in this one.

Then, I worked on my leggings muslin (a muslin is a practice garment). The good news is I made something that resembles leggings. The bad news, is these are NOT my size. I guess it's nice that i'm not as big as I thought I am (the pattern just has a waist measurement). So I'm going to make the next size down, plus get rid of some of the extra width (I already cut 5 inches off- but these are extra long to scrunch up on the leg...I though some of the extra length would be good for the skates.) Before I make the next pair, I want to ask people on Pattern Review if the baggy crotch will be fixed by having the size right, or if I need to alter the pattern shaping in some way. I didn't put the waistband elastic into these ones, because that seemed too hard to take out if I needed to remake them (and I assumed I would.)

I'm hiding in this picture because OMG ugly. But they do resemble leggings, don't they?

One or two more tries and I'll decide if I want to buy the expensive Under Armour fabric. Even leggings at Target are like $20, so making them myself would save quit a bit.

In other news, Kevin spent the day making a bed. Like actually making a bed. He is building a twin bed for our guest room.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Want to buy some yarn?

I'm destashing some yarn in hopes of acquiring funds to buy rhinestones for my skating dresses.

This is Wollmeise and they are:
63 grams of WD Neptun (80/20) (deeper in color than picture shows, at least on this monitor…)
61 grams of WD Schwammerl (100%)
and 65 grams of WD Bromberee (100%)

(WD means "we're different" it's a grab bag colorway that might be slightly different from the color with that name. It is not a "second"- but a first run, excellent condition yarn. 100% is all merino, 80/20 is merino/nylon.)

Since these have been used (but NOT used for knitting - just the rest of the skein was used) they have been exposed to the dog hair in my house, but they don't look bad (certainly not rolled in hair!) and it would just be a matter of picking off a few pieces. But warning in case you have allergies.

For reference, I can do a simple pair of socks for my size 5 feet with 60 grams, but only something quite simple. However, each mini-skein is more than enough for a pair of women's anklets, but would also be good for sampling projects or use in multiple color projects.

The price is $33 including paypal fees and first class shipping.

This yarn sells at The Loopy Ewe for $30 a skein, and skeins are approximately 150 grams. (This lot is 189 grams!)

Trust me, it's a good deal! I hate parting with such pretty pretty yarn- but I need some sparkles for my upcoming competition!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Leggings Frustration

I really need new leggings for ice skating. I'm currently wearing size S under armour leggings- and they are super long, and sadly too tight. But if I got the medium, I'm really worried they would be way too baggy in the crotch, and still maybe be too tight on the waist.

So I'm thinking- maybe I can sew them?

I found a place online that sells the under armour frosty tight fabric- and it's only $10 a yard. Even with shipping, I can probably get 2-3 pairs for less than buying 1 pair.

But, I'm not sure I can make leggings.

So I asked for some advice on pattern review, and it was suggested I use a kwik sew pattern- because it has both an inner and outer seam. I ordered the pattern, and it's expensive, since it's not Big 4. It gets here, and it doesn't have 2 seams per leg, just 1. The only way to get the extra seams is with a contrast insert...

So I have it, and I have a McCalls legging pattern, and I need to make a mulsin. I have some cheapish (well, not that cheap- but less than the under armour- it's hard to find super cheap 4-way stretch) red knit fabric with excellent 4 way stretch, so I'm going to see if I can at least make leggings. I'm not sure if it's going to work to have just 1 seam- everyone said that for activewear I need 2. I also need to figure out if I need a crotch gusset...all my yoga pants have one, but my target skating pants don't.

I'm trying to anticipate what's going to be wrong. I'll probably need to do something to raise the waist band in the back (big butt adjustment). Do I need a swayback adjustment on leggings- or just with pants that don't fit tight? Should I try to make the over-the-boot bell shape on the first pair of leggings, or not try that yet? I also want to try to shorten them so they fit me, not a person with normal size legs.

But this will have to wait until next weekend...

This is my last week of my first class at Lesley University- and it's going to be a busy one. I have 2 extra assignments this week as compared to other weeks. Like week 4, and that was a busy one. I also have an extra skating lesson on Wednesday- since the competition is coming up very soon, and I don't have programs yet.

Umpire Bag

My weekend sewing plans were for leggings (more on that in the next post). But I got a phone call yesterday that changed my plans.

It went something like this: (Basically, it was a bit of a mystery to figure out what was being asked for...)

I received a phone call on my cell phone it said “Mom”, so I answer the phone and a tiny little voice says
“Can you make me a belt in a bag?”

Oh! It’s my nephew!! Hi! nephew. What does he want?

“Hi C. What are you asking for”
“A belt on a bag”
“Oh, a bag ON a belt. Sure sweetie. What’s this for?”

-Thinks about baseball players- why do they need bags on belt?

“What does it need to be made out of C?”
“Blue Yarn”
-Okay, so I’m knitting a bag.
Grandpa yells from back “Tell her blue fabric”
-Thank goodness…that will be much quicker!

“Okay, C. I can make you a bag on a belt! Can I talk to Grandma?”

“Hi Mom- what does he want? Can I just make a bag that slips onto a belt? Or do I need to sew a belt?”
Mom: “No, you need to make a belt, with pockets. Like what a workman wears…:

-OH! An apron. He wants an apron that can hold a baseball.
“Okay, well can you run a rule around his waist and find out just about what his waist measurement is. I know my sister doesn’t have a tape measure, and, uh, if you could send a picture it might help.”

Then she says “What he wants is what the umpire’s wear to hold the balls.”

OH FINALLY! We’ve gotten to what it is…

So I go and google umpire bags. Turns out, like I originally though- you just slip them on a pre-existing belt. They also cost about $6-$12. Why are they not just buying one. The measurements are 10" x 12" - that's why- it would completely overtake him if he wore it from a belt. I am thinking that I could probably put a buckle on a belt, rather than a tie- that might be easier for him.

I told him it might take me about two weeks, but almost immediately I get an email from my Mom to tell me he said he was going to sit on the couch and wait until I was done. Uh-oh- this is a rush order! She also says it can just slip onto a belt- woo...that makes it easier.

So yesterday Kevin and I go to Hobby Lobby and I bought some blue broadcloth and some baseball print fabric. I've actually bought the baseball print fabric before, but I guess I didn't have any leftover...

Today I made the bags, the handles are twill tape wrapped with fabric to give them a bit more hold, the bags are just simple serged bags. The first one seemed a little too small- it was wide enough, but it held only a baseball and a tennis ball, so not quite big enough for 2 baseballs (the request), so I cut out another. I had intended for this one to be bigger (I cut it 6" x 7" and used about 1/2" seam allowances- well large 1/4"...whatever my serger does) but it ended up narrower, but taller. I THINK it should work okay, but it's a bit more difficult to get the ball out of it- hopefully the smaller hands won't have a problem.

So my weekend sewing was umpire bags for the nephew. I don't sew on demand for very many people- so he's one lucky kiddo! (My sister told me he has already asked 100 times if I was done yet!)

I wish I got a better picture, but they are already sealed up in an envelope to mail out.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sewing Day!

I promised myself yesterday that if I finished all my homework, I could spend all day today sewing. My original plan was to do the sandwich covers, but I need a small square of interfacing and I didn't have any. So then planned to sew up the pink fabric I just got, but somewhere along the line I switched to the orange fabric.

I found a Butterick pattern I liked, but it had kimono sleeves - already attached to the pattern. After cutting it out, I realized that means I need like twice as much fabric as if they were set in sleeves, and it wouldn't fit onto the fabric.

Then I found another Butterick pattern, but it is a twist top (so cute) but realized that the center front seam won't look good in a solid. So after cutting THAT out, I changed my mind.

Then I went and traced a Jalie pattern, and it worked out great. This is a pretty commonly sewn pattern on patternreview, and I like it a lot. I opted not to put in the modesty panel, but in the end realized I NEEDED it - so I'm wearing a tank under it. Kevin says I look like Halloween, so I should get a white one. (He just wants me to look like a longhorn.)

So what do you think? I cut the size U and graded down to an X at the waist. It obviously still needs to be hemmed. My tummy isn't in great shape, and this kind of highlights it- but I don't think it needs to be any bigger-do you? Also, those sleeves- they are 3/4 length. Can't you tell :) Then hem will take care of that.

Other sewing:
I tried to hem my green shirt (which I've worn to work 3 times, and failed. If anyone has hemming knit tips I need them for sure. Zig zagging results in a wavy puckered seam, but if I zig zag with the walking foot it just looks weird. I can't do a straight stitch because I NEED the stretch in the hem.

I also hemmed a pair of black pants for work. I bought them over a year ago, but just HATE hemming. Best hem ever. I cut an inch off, sergered the edge, and then folded it up another inch and used the walking foot with a straight stitch (woven fabric)- no puckering at all! (That always used to happen. I love the walking foot for wovens! (I cannot believe I have to shorten PETITE pants another 2 inches!)