Saturday, April 23, 2011

Want to buy some yarn?

I'm destashing some yarn in hopes of acquiring funds to buy rhinestones for my skating dresses.

This is Wollmeise and they are:
63 grams of WD Neptun (80/20) (deeper in color than picture shows, at least on this monitor…)
61 grams of WD Schwammerl (100%)
and 65 grams of WD Bromberee (100%)

(WD means "we're different" it's a grab bag colorway that might be slightly different from the color with that name. It is not a "second"- but a first run, excellent condition yarn. 100% is all merino, 80/20 is merino/nylon.)

Since these have been used (but NOT used for knitting - just the rest of the skein was used) they have been exposed to the dog hair in my house, but they don't look bad (certainly not rolled in hair!) and it would just be a matter of picking off a few pieces. But warning in case you have allergies.

For reference, I can do a simple pair of socks for my size 5 feet with 60 grams, but only something quite simple. However, each mini-skein is more than enough for a pair of women's anklets, but would also be good for sampling projects or use in multiple color projects.

The price is $33 including paypal fees and first class shipping.

This yarn sells at The Loopy Ewe for $30 a skein, and skeins are approximately 150 grams. (This lot is 189 grams!)

Trust me, it's a good deal! I hate parting with such pretty pretty yarn- but I need some sparkles for my upcoming competition!

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SuzyQ01 said...

You had me at Wollmeise! LOL Not sure I could make a pair of socks for my huge clown feet with 60 grams of yarn, but I'm sure I could come up with something. How much without shipping...I will be coming to the area before we move :)