Sunday, April 17, 2011

Umpire Bag

My weekend sewing plans were for leggings (more on that in the next post). But I got a phone call yesterday that changed my plans.

It went something like this: (Basically, it was a bit of a mystery to figure out what was being asked for...)

I received a phone call on my cell phone it said “Mom”, so I answer the phone and a tiny little voice says
“Can you make me a belt in a bag?”

Oh! It’s my nephew!! Hi! nephew. What does he want?

“Hi C. What are you asking for”
“A belt on a bag”
“Oh, a bag ON a belt. Sure sweetie. What’s this for?”

-Thinks about baseball players- why do they need bags on belt?

“What does it need to be made out of C?”
“Blue Yarn”
-Okay, so I’m knitting a bag.
Grandpa yells from back “Tell her blue fabric”
-Thank goodness…that will be much quicker!

“Okay, C. I can make you a bag on a belt! Can I talk to Grandma?”

“Hi Mom- what does he want? Can I just make a bag that slips onto a belt? Or do I need to sew a belt?”
Mom: “No, you need to make a belt, with pockets. Like what a workman wears…:

-OH! An apron. He wants an apron that can hold a baseball.
“Okay, well can you run a rule around his waist and find out just about what his waist measurement is. I know my sister doesn’t have a tape measure, and, uh, if you could send a picture it might help.”

Then she says “What he wants is what the umpire’s wear to hold the balls.”

OH FINALLY! We’ve gotten to what it is…

So I go and google umpire bags. Turns out, like I originally though- you just slip them on a pre-existing belt. They also cost about $6-$12. Why are they not just buying one. The measurements are 10" x 12" - that's why- it would completely overtake him if he wore it from a belt. I am thinking that I could probably put a buckle on a belt, rather than a tie- that might be easier for him.

I told him it might take me about two weeks, but almost immediately I get an email from my Mom to tell me he said he was going to sit on the couch and wait until I was done. Uh-oh- this is a rush order! She also says it can just slip onto a belt- woo...that makes it easier.

So yesterday Kevin and I go to Hobby Lobby and I bought some blue broadcloth and some baseball print fabric. I've actually bought the baseball print fabric before, but I guess I didn't have any leftover...

Today I made the bags, the handles are twill tape wrapped with fabric to give them a bit more hold, the bags are just simple serged bags. The first one seemed a little too small- it was wide enough, but it held only a baseball and a tennis ball, so not quite big enough for 2 baseballs (the request), so I cut out another. I had intended for this one to be bigger (I cut it 6" x 7" and used about 1/2" seam allowances- well large 1/4"...whatever my serger does) but it ended up narrower, but taller. I THINK it should work okay, but it's a bit more difficult to get the ball out of it- hopefully the smaller hands won't have a problem.

So my weekend sewing was umpire bags for the nephew. I don't sew on demand for very many people- so he's one lucky kiddo! (My sister told me he has already asked 100 times if I was done yet!)

I wish I got a better picture, but they are already sealed up in an envelope to mail out.

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SuzyQ01 said...

That is so sweet! I hope he likes his custom ordered belt-on-a-bag!