Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sewing today...

I didn't get a lot of sewing done this weekend (we had a fondue party last night, so we spend the day prepping.) But I did sew today.

First, I made another umpire bag for my nephew. The ones I mailed last Monday still haven't gotten there yet, and to will the post office to deliver them, I decided to mail a new one out tomorrow. This time I remembered to take a picture. You can see the lining in this one.

Then, I worked on my leggings muslin (a muslin is a practice garment). The good news is I made something that resembles leggings. The bad news, is these are NOT my size. I guess it's nice that i'm not as big as I thought I am (the pattern just has a waist measurement). So I'm going to make the next size down, plus get rid of some of the extra width (I already cut 5 inches off- but these are extra long to scrunch up on the leg...I though some of the extra length would be good for the skates.) Before I make the next pair, I want to ask people on Pattern Review if the baggy crotch will be fixed by having the size right, or if I need to alter the pattern shaping in some way. I didn't put the waistband elastic into these ones, because that seemed too hard to take out if I needed to remake them (and I assumed I would.)

I'm hiding in this picture because OMG ugly. But they do resemble leggings, don't they?

One or two more tries and I'll decide if I want to buy the expensive Under Armour fabric. Even leggings at Target are like $20, so making them myself would save quit a bit.

In other news, Kevin spent the day making a bed. Like actually making a bed. He is building a twin bed for our guest room.

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