Monday, October 5, 2015

Loving schoola! Sharing what I got on my last order.

I know I just posted about schoola, but I got another order in and wanted to share everything I got! I have photos of all the clothes I ordered (taken from their confirmation email- but I've recieved it all in the mail already, it is washed and hung and ready for the baby to get here!)

Anyhow- I LOVE (not in any way affiliated, this is not a sponsored post.)
Want to try it out? Here is my referral link:
By using this, you get $15- and so do I.
Schoola offers free shipping with a $25 order, and they have been running a promotion that if you start a "collection" you get a $10 credit too.  

The thing I like the best is that all of this is in such good condition I would never know it was used!
(I sort by "good" condition. You can't use discounts on new with tags. I have got a few "blemished" items and they were as described, but in my opinion, good seems to equal new!) Everything comes to you freshly washed and folded, but of course- I run it through my laundry too.
And this website has such good discount codes the clothes are nearly free! For the order shown below, I used 2 referral credits and then a discount code (right now try FALLINGPRICES for 50% off, or OHBABY for 20% off).  So all of these items were only $0.98!! That's unreal.

Each order they send you a bag to send clothes back to them- which I will definitely do the next time I clean the closets out. My local school isn't on their list yet, but I think the process to add a school is pretty simple, and I know a school always appreciates a fundraiser!