Sunday, June 30, 2013

Art quilt

Every year my guild has a challenge and this year was to make an art quilt.  I was excited about that- because it is the area of quilting I'm most interested in. However, it turns out I'm not artistic at all.

I decided to make a literal quilt. The quilt wouldn't lie to you, so it must be art.

For this quilt I used a variety of new techniques, and mixed it in with my old favorite: free motion quilting. Just like my snowflake quilt, each square has its own free motion design.  The new techniques are : ice dyeing, over dyeing (I dyed the finished quilt, minus the word Art, rather than the fabric ahead of time), free motion couching, and free motion in open space. It is also a bit mixed media, because it incorporates the sequins (glued on), and possibly you could count the yarn in that (I also dyed the yarn).

Here is a close up of the couching. The thread I used matches the blue yarn, and it sews onto the yarn, not around it.  If you look closely you can see it on the yellow, and in a few spots on the fabric where the needle missed the yarn completely.  The free motion couching foot is awesome, but not fool proof.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Well crap...

I need to learn to hand sew.  I have to get a hanging sleeve attached to Winter Wonderland. (I usually display my quilts through sew-in corners that I put a rod into.)



Sunday, June 2, 2013

Embroidery Fun

So I made a few more pillowcases for my nephews because Planet Applique had a great sale on alphabets.  I've decided I will sell these, if anyone wants one.  If I have the design already, it is $15, if I don't- $15+cost of design.  Email me for details.

I did these ones last weekend.

Today I did this design.

It is the first Planet Applique (which is like 95% of my embroidery) design that I've had trouble with.  The top bar of the plane didn't step stitch like I assume it is supposed to (based on the bottom ones doing that.)  Instead, it just traveled back and forth across the bar.  Like really really really long satin stitches.
I was really bummed, but I used a zig zag stitch and free motion embroidery to fix it.

  Just an FYI, if you want to buy a pillow with this design, it will not be machine perfect, because if this issue is in all the letters, I'll have to do the manual fix.  I think it looks okay for a kid's pillowcase, but you might not!

I need to do another pillowcase for Luke, and then one for Cole. (He already has one from last year, so this gets everyone even at 2.)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

New Purse

It has been a very very long time since I updated any craft project.  Sorry!

Part of it, is that I'm stuck in a rut- I haven't started a new quilt.  The snowflake quilt was so awesome, and quite honestly, so was Mario. So I don't know what to do next. I don't want to step back to ordinary after those things.

But, I have been making a few things, which means the other problem is I'm just bad about blogging.

So I'll show off one project today and then try to post about the others soon.

I made another bag:

I've made this bag before, on my Kenmore.  OMG! It was so much easier on the Bernina.  I did break a needle on one of the insane seams, but once I switched to a denim needle and my jeans foot, as long as I used my leveling thingy (to bring the foot flat)- it sewed right through, without even hesitating. I wasn't sewing full speed- but holy crap, that is some POWER in this machine.  I had to hand crank the wheel on the Kenmore and it still skipped stitches.

So the reason I remade this purse was because my first one was just worn out.  It had stains on it, and the corners were beginning to tear a bit.  I took this purse everywhere for years.  It went on 3 cruises with me, and served daily as my lunch bag.

This purse is amazing.  EIGHT pockets. And lots of space.  I love it so much.

It is also incredibly easy to make- except for the fact that there are an insane number of layers (made more insane by the fact that I do double the pockets.
Let's talk layers.
Each side is 3 layers, cotton + fleece + cotton.
Each pocket is the same 3, plus it is bound on the edges, so that adds 6 layers (due to folding of the binding), so 9 layers per pocket.

Let's stack it all up, 2 sides, 4 pockets: 34 layers. Then, to make it look nicer inside, you enclose the finished seams in binding, another 4 layers: 46

total layers, 6 of them are fleece.  See why the machine needs some major power behind it? 

But it is totally worth it.  Unfortunately, all those layers makes it hard to line up.  I tried really really hard to get the binding on the sides to be right. It's just impossible to pin.

My only other tip: if you aren't into quilting, or want a quick project: buy pre-quilted fabric.  I think it took longer to do the quilting on the fabric than the rest of the bag.

Oh, and use water soluble thread for the first stitching of the handles.  I knew this, but I didn't. So that means I have some double lines of stitching and it doesn't look perfect.

I also wish I had put in a thicker zipper, in a matching color- but this was a stash project, and that was the zipper I had in my stash, so it will have to do.