Sunday, June 2, 2013

Embroidery Fun

So I made a few more pillowcases for my nephews because Planet Applique had a great sale on alphabets.  I've decided I will sell these, if anyone wants one.  If I have the design already, it is $15, if I don't- $15+cost of design.  Email me for details.

I did these ones last weekend.

Today I did this design.

It is the first Planet Applique (which is like 95% of my embroidery) design that I've had trouble with.  The top bar of the plane didn't step stitch like I assume it is supposed to (based on the bottom ones doing that.)  Instead, it just traveled back and forth across the bar.  Like really really really long satin stitches.
I was really bummed, but I used a zig zag stitch and free motion embroidery to fix it.

  Just an FYI, if you want to buy a pillow with this design, it will not be machine perfect, because if this issue is in all the letters, I'll have to do the manual fix.  I think it looks okay for a kid's pillowcase, but you might not!

I need to do another pillowcase for Luke, and then one for Cole. (He already has one from last year, so this gets everyone even at 2.)

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Susan Owenby said...

I think they are super cute! What great patterns. I hope they appeal to some folks with money! :D