Saturday, March 26, 2011


I was waiting for UPS yesterday, I knew that I had a package arriving from and was looking forward to getting that big box of fabric-y goodness. I ordered some oil cloth and Insul-Bright so that I could make some of the Lunch Bags from the amazing book with the that title.

After dinner the UPS guy finally pulled up in front of our house. He didn't ring the door bell or do anything to alert me that he had been there (thanks guy) but I saw the truck. And then, on the doorstep, was this:
What in the world? Where is my box of fabric?

Turns out, they ship the oil cloth on bolts. I kind of feel bad, because this order (1/2 yard each of 2 designs of oil cloth, 2 yards of insul-bright batting, and 1 1/2 yards each of two different types of knit fabric, and some shirting) only cost me $30, no shipping costs. I'm not sure made any money on me, because this must have cost a lot to ship.

I love it all, and I also got a bias strip maker! The cherry design on the oil cloth is a lot larger than I thought it would be, I thought it was tiny cherries- oops. But I just need it for sandwich wrap linings, so it doesn't really matter. I LOVE the pink slub rayon knit, so we'll have to see how that sews up. The burnt-orange looking rayon knit is kind of a weird fabric, I think it might end up kind of hot and yucky to wear, but the idea is to try all the fabrics I can to see how I like sewing them.

Now I just need to find some time to sew. This week marks the halfway point of my first class at Lesley. I need to get to work on my mid-term paper. It's due tomorrow!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy crafter :)

Nothing makes me feel happier than when I see a picture on facebook with a baby laying on a quilt that I made :)

Also - my friends have some really cute kids.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I set up email posting- I'm checking to see if this works.

Just a little update...

So I created this blog to tell you all about my crafty endeavors. Why haven't I posted lately?

Well, there have been no crafty endeavors. (Unless you count buying a lot of yarn and fabric- I still seem to be doing that okay.)

I started a Master's degree, and while the class (just one at a time) doesn't take up ALL my time, they take up enough of my time that I haven't knit or sewn a stitch in ages. I did get a walking foot for my machine, so I hope to try some quilting and hemming and see if that helps me out.

I did start skating lessons again, and am still posting about those on my livejournal.