Sunday, August 23, 2015

Get $50 in clothes, free. Seriously.

(Wow- it's been a long time.  I've got exciting news: I'm pregnant!  So that explains why I haven't blogged in months and months. I've instead spent that time throwing up.  More blogging soon.)

So one of my budget boards posted this and I couldn't not share!

$50 in clothes for free.  I actually spent $2.87 (for 2 dresses, 5 shirts and a pair of pants!), but only because I didn't want to give them CC information for $0 in charges. But if you get your cart right, it is totally free.  My sister-in-law has gotten an order from them previously, so while I can't review my clothes yet (I will) - this is legit.

Here is what I got. You can also see the totals, so you can see what I paid.

(The website also tells you the retail value of the clothes. Lesson learned: Holy crap, maternity clothes are overpriced.)

Get your free clothes:

Here's how to do it:
1) Click the link That gets you a $15 credit (and me one too).
2) Click the Collection tab at the top, and at the bottom of the dropdown it says Create New Collection. A new screen will pop up and on the left side where you can click create a collection and select your preferences. Make sure and save the collection - this adds another $10 to your account. Then you don't actually have to do anything with it.
3) Add $50 worth of clothing to your bag.
4) Checkout and use the code ‪#‎schoolasummer‬ This gets you half off. Half off $50 is $25, and from above you have $25 in credits, so it ends up free. You also get free shipping for more than $25.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Piecing diamonds

There are lots of ways to make mistakes when piecing diamonds.  Watch as I explain how to get the perfect seam, and mistakes to avoid.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cutting diamonds

I started my challenge block for the next month. Up next: diamonds.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

What am I working on?

Here's a peak of what I am working on right now.  I've never done a pieced scrap quilt before. Wow do they take a lot of time!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How to clean a sewing machine

Here I demonstrate how I clean and oil my machine.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Small Group Challenge

Continuing the vlog idea.  Here is a peak into my sewing room as I make an improv block using equilateral triangles for my march small group challenge.

So? Do you like the videos?

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Starting something new

So i've been really bad about blogging lately.  I decided to try something new, and have done a few short videos/vlogs.  Tell me what you think- do you like watching videos or would you rather read the blog?

This video shows how I store my fabric. And a quick peak at the disaster that is my sewing room right now.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

2015 Small Group Challenge: Rectangles

For 2015 our small group challenge required us to pick a color that we would use in the challenge each month; then at the end of the year I will put them together as a quilt top.

The color I picked was Jade. Kevin told me I couldn't pick pink because it wouldn't be a challenge.  I have to say, this will be difficult to work with and incorporate other colors!

This month's challenge was rectangles. I made a simple, modern block using improvised piecing. I didn't have a plan when I started.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Dancing Butterfly #3 and #4

Two more butterflies done (there are 12 total).  Sorry about the weirdly rotated pictures. There is no way to fix them in

Butterfly number 3 features Echo Shell and Zigzag Path. 

I really like both of these designs and I am getting a lot better at keeping consistent spacing. It is fun to see how much I've grown in my ability to quilt over the past few years.

 Butterfly #4 features sharp stippling and bamboo forest.  I found the sharp stippling to be really challenging. I'm not sure mine really looks like what the design was set up to be, which is more flame like.  I'm so used to either all curves, or sharp zig-zags, that trying to make curves with points was really though. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

2014 Color Challenge Quilts

In 2014 my small quilt group came up with a challenge. Each month, someone would bring a fabric or collection of fabrics to act as color inspiration. Then all the members of the group would create a 12" quilt showcasing those colors.  It was amazing to see what different people did each month.

Although I didn't intend to, my quilts seemed to have a few themes running through them. I grouped them by technique, but you'll notice a lot of circles and stripes too! Here are my twelve quilts from 2014. I may have shared some of these before, but never as a group.

Two quilts with stitch and slash.  I love the red one!

And then there were applique quilts. Here the dresden plate is my favorite, but I also love the raw edge arrows.

The next group is improvised piecing. I love all of these, but the gray with pink is my favorite of the 12.  It is a lot of fun to piece with no idea of where you are going!

 And then a few odd balls. Painting instead of piecing, quilt and piece at the same time, woven fabric, and then my very first try at a mosaic technique (the flowers are from where I spilled something when we met at Panera...)