Monday, February 15, 2016

President's Day Quilt Block

Yesterday I completed this month's Block Party square from Leah Day's block of the month sew along. It involved making flying geese and then sewing them to a rectangle to create a block. I thought "why wouldn't you just sew them to a square and not have a seam in the middle of your block  So then I made this block to see what that would look like.  (I also made up a new design so I wouldn't have two of the same block in my quilt!) Leah's quilt a long has 12 blocks already, so I will either replace one with this block or make a few extra blocks and make the quilt larger.

Today I took a different approach to the video- I recorded pressing instead of sewing! 

I wanted to make this one really quick- it was about 45 minutes total in the sewing room and edited together really quick.  I hope you enjoy this insight into my sewing room!

You'll note that my piecing isn't perfect. I'm still practicing!  When sewing the 3 block rows together I pinned the first one, and it was a little off. So I didn't pin the second- and it was a little off.  SIGH!

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