Monday, February 15, 2016


Today is President's day and I'm off work. I made a quilt block this morning (took about 45 minutes)- and made a video of it. I will share it in a blogpost as soon as it is uploaded to youtube.

I also plan to spend most of the day on the couch eating cookie dough and reading Little House on the Prairie books- but first I wanted to see if I could get just one of you to sign up for swagbucks. (They are doing a promotion and I need one referral! But I'd gladly take more!)

To sign up, click here:

Many of you may be hesitant to sign up for swagbucks. I am careful what activities I do, so I get almost no additional spam to my email (or gmail takes care of it for me...) but you could create an email account to use just for this.

I don't spend much time on swagbucks and earn $25-$50 a month. I know of some people who spend a lot more time and earn two to three times that!

An easy way to earn a few swagbucks each day is to answer the Daily Poll, do the Daily Crave, and NOSO.  With NOSO, make sure to select “More Deals” or “Skip if you don’t want to share your information.  Doing each of these will earn you 4 swagbucks each day.

To find surveys, on the left of the main page, select “Answer”. Here I like to do the Gold Surveys and the Peanut Lab Surveys. I skip the Partner surveys as they are often long and don't credit. Some days you get disqualified from more surveys than you are able to answer...

In this same menu, you can select Play.  Most of these games cost money to play, but at the very bottom of the page there is Swagasaurus Run and SwagJump.  You get 2 swagbucks every 2 games. You don’t have to play them for real, just open them, jump once, and then “die” (don’t close the window)- that is enough to have it count as played.

Next in this menu, you can click “watch” .  You can watch videos, or another easy thing is “nCrave”, which is a menu on the upper left side.  Encrave requires you to click every 30 seconds; but once you have done it once you can select videos that have a “discovery mode” as indicated by a little arrow in the corner. With this, it will run through the videos, so you can have them open in a different tab while you do other things. This is one of the easiest ways to get swagbucks- although it is good to pay attention because sometimes nCrave doesn’t work.


If you are going to be on the compute nGage and JunGroup are easy to multi-task with.  These will pop up a timer and every 35 seconds or so you have to click it.  
There is also the “earn 2 easy swagbucks" that shows up on the mainpage. These are super quick videos that you just need to watch and click on once or twice.  I didn’t have them on my screen to take a picture of, but they are usually a girl in a tie or a group of blue stick figures.This is my favorite thing to show up!

Swagbucks also has a number of iphone and android apps that you can run to earn more swagbucks. As well as a search bar feature you can install that randomly allows you to earn a few SBs for searching.

And of course there is shop and earn (but I use ebates: and then there are tons of various activities you can try and sign up for. But the things I listed above are my bread and butter that I do each day.

Every day there is a daily goal. You do not have to hit your goal, but I try to because you can get a bonus at the end of the month. In a good month I can get $5 worth of bonus! It all adds up.

There are many things you can redeem your points for. Most often we get a $25 Lowes, Target, or Amazon giftcard first- the first card is only 2,200 points. My second gift card each month (2,500 points) is always Paypal. Then I transfer it right to my bank account!

Give it a try:
To sign up, click here:

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