Sunday, January 31, 2016

Project Not Pictured

I recently decided I wanted to join the ranks of sewing bloggers who make bras. I signed up for the craftsy class- it looked pretty easy. (Um, well, the sewing, not the fitting).  But a kit was really expensive, so I thought maybe one without an underwire would be the way to go.

I bought the Watson Bra and Bikini pattern from Cloth Habit. There are a billion blog posts about this. It looks easy-peasy.

I started with the bikini, because I had supplies on hand. Well, easy it was not.

The elastics were a disaster. Either I read the pattern wrong or it doesn't tell you exactly how much to use for the legs. Jalie patterns do this for skating dresses (which is where I got my confidence I could do this okay). 

My leg elastics are too loose, my waist elastic folds over when I wear them. They don't lay even close to flat when not being worn. It just looks like a giant mess.

The one benefit of this disaster though is I learned my preference is for a bit more coverage on my backside, and a little higher on the front, so I can fix that for the next go round. 

Now I have to decide if I want to unpick the elastic, or just waste the $2-3 it costs...

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