Sunday, January 31, 2016

Project Not Pictured

I recently decided I wanted to join the ranks of sewing bloggers who make bras. I signed up for the craftsy class- it looked pretty easy. (Um, well, the sewing, not the fitting).  But a kit was really expensive, so I thought maybe one without an underwire would be the way to go.

I bought the Watson Bra and Bikini pattern from Cloth Habit. There are a billion blog posts about this. It looks easy-peasy.

I started with the bikini, because I had supplies on hand. Well, easy it was not.

The elastics were a disaster. Either I read the pattern wrong or it doesn't tell you exactly how much to use for the legs. Jalie patterns do this for skating dresses (which is where I got my confidence I could do this okay). 

My leg elastics are too loose, my waist elastic folds over when I wear them. They don't lay even close to flat when not being worn. It just looks like a giant mess.

The one benefit of this disaster though is I learned my preference is for a bit more coverage on my backside, and a little higher on the front, so I can fix that for the next go round. 

Now I have to decide if I want to unpick the elastic, or just waste the $2-3 it costs...

Saturday, January 9, 2016

This weekend in sewing....

You'll be shocked to see I made three more postcards.
These all show off fabric I painted during a thickened dyes workshop. I can't wait to send these out.  This gets me to 20 of my goal of 34 before my 34th birthday.  I want to spend time tomorrow to do a more involved collage one, they can't all just be 1 piece of fabric.  But these fabrics are some of my favorite, so I love showing them off.

In the mail this week I got the postcards I ordered from  They are seriously awesome and I can't wait to send them out, though postcrossing has been a bit of a disapointment so far. I know it takes a long time for cards to reach international destinations, but the one I sent to someone in the US hasn't been registered. But every card I sent to someone on ravelry the same day has been recieved!  However, I joined a postcard swap group on ravelry; so maybe that will be more reliable.

I also started a Craftsy class called "Sewing with Fleece".  I mainly wanted a little more step by step to make a fleece jacket (though I bet I could have figured it out...) While waiting to arrive, I did the first project- a hat.  The hat is comfy and warm, and I like the way my hair curls, but I think it highlights that I have a big head....  Still, I've had this ice skate fleece forever, so it was exciting to use it.  So what do you think? Can I wear it in public?

Also, the winner of the postcard drawing was Shecki.  I will contact you and get it mailed to you if you would like it.

Friday, January 1, 2016

I'm addicted! More Postcards

I am just loving the fabric postcards.  I love that I can create something in 15 minutes, half an hour, or an hour and have a finished project.

Today I quilted with my hopes for 2016 in mind. Last year was really hard. From being horribly sick for the first 22 weeks of my pregnancy, to the horrible ending of that pregnancy; and then the passing of my great-Aunt (which sounds somewhat distant relative, but she was essentially my grandmother). It won't go in the history books as a good year, as much as great things happened along the way. (I got to grow and love Sean, I got to go on a great cruise, I had a great job, I had my husband every step of the way, I found out even more than I already knew how blessed I am to live in such a great neighborhood.)

So for 2016, the first thing I quilted was sun, shining from the darkness. And then the next was a rainbow. And that is what I want for this year.

And what is the most fun about these little mini quilts, is that I'll get to mail them to someone during the year and brighten their day. That is, if I don't hoard them.