Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sewing Day!

I promised myself yesterday that if I finished all my homework, I could spend all day today sewing. My original plan was to do the sandwich covers, but I need a small square of interfacing and I didn't have any. So then planned to sew up the pink fabric I just got, but somewhere along the line I switched to the orange fabric.

I found a Butterick pattern I liked, but it had kimono sleeves - already attached to the pattern. After cutting it out, I realized that means I need like twice as much fabric as if they were set in sleeves, and it wouldn't fit onto the fabric.

Then I found another Butterick pattern, but it is a twist top (so cute) but realized that the center front seam won't look good in a solid. So after cutting THAT out, I changed my mind.

Then I went and traced a Jalie pattern, and it worked out great. This is a pretty commonly sewn pattern on patternreview, and I like it a lot. I opted not to put in the modesty panel, but in the end realized I NEEDED it - so I'm wearing a tank under it. Kevin says I look like Halloween, so I should get a white one. (He just wants me to look like a longhorn.)

So what do you think? I cut the size U and graded down to an X at the waist. It obviously still needs to be hemmed. My tummy isn't in great shape, and this kind of highlights it- but I don't think it needs to be any bigger-do you? Also, those sleeves- they are 3/4 length. Can't you tell :) Then hem will take care of that.

Other sewing:
I tried to hem my green shirt (which I've worn to work 3 times, and failed. If anyone has hemming knit tips I need them for sure. Zig zagging results in a wavy puckered seam, but if I zig zag with the walking foot it just looks weird. I can't do a straight stitch because I NEED the stretch in the hem.

I also hemmed a pair of black pants for work. I bought them over a year ago, but just HATE hemming. Best hem ever. I cut an inch off, sergered the edge, and then folded it up another inch and used the walking foot with a straight stitch (woven fabric)- no puckering at all! (That always used to happen. I love the walking foot for wovens! (I cannot believe I have to shorten PETITE pants another 2 inches!)

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Sharon said...

Oh I've done that before - get a pattern ready only to discover it won't fit onto my fabric.

And no, I don't think you want this top any larger. From the photo it looks like it fits you very well.