Sunday, April 17, 2011

Leggings Frustration

I really need new leggings for ice skating. I'm currently wearing size S under armour leggings- and they are super long, and sadly too tight. But if I got the medium, I'm really worried they would be way too baggy in the crotch, and still maybe be too tight on the waist.

So I'm thinking- maybe I can sew them?

I found a place online that sells the under armour frosty tight fabric- and it's only $10 a yard. Even with shipping, I can probably get 2-3 pairs for less than buying 1 pair.

But, I'm not sure I can make leggings.

So I asked for some advice on pattern review, and it was suggested I use a kwik sew pattern- because it has both an inner and outer seam. I ordered the pattern, and it's expensive, since it's not Big 4. It gets here, and it doesn't have 2 seams per leg, just 1. The only way to get the extra seams is with a contrast insert...

So I have it, and I have a McCalls legging pattern, and I need to make a mulsin. I have some cheapish (well, not that cheap- but less than the under armour- it's hard to find super cheap 4-way stretch) red knit fabric with excellent 4 way stretch, so I'm going to see if I can at least make leggings. I'm not sure if it's going to work to have just 1 seam- everyone said that for activewear I need 2. I also need to figure out if I need a crotch gusset...all my yoga pants have one, but my target skating pants don't.

I'm trying to anticipate what's going to be wrong. I'll probably need to do something to raise the waist band in the back (big butt adjustment). Do I need a swayback adjustment on leggings- or just with pants that don't fit tight? Should I try to make the over-the-boot bell shape on the first pair of leggings, or not try that yet? I also want to try to shorten them so they fit me, not a person with normal size legs.

But this will have to wait until next weekend...

This is my last week of my first class at Lesley University- and it's going to be a busy one. I have 2 extra assignments this week as compared to other weeks. Like week 4, and that was a busy one. I also have an extra skating lesson on Wednesday- since the competition is coming up very soon, and I don't have programs yet.

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SuzyQ01 said...

Okay...I get lost reading about sewing (since i don't know how to do it myself), but I look forward to the pictures when you're all done!! I hope you get it all figured out! Good luck on your last week of class and your skating program ;)