Monday, September 1, 2014

Block 10: Baskets

The part of the basket that was a challenge was making the handle. It was turned against a piece of freezer paper, and was difficult to get to really curve.

I used a gluestick to hold it down while machine appliqueing in place, and despite using these gluesticks many times before, it looks like after I rinsed the blocks the glue came through and caused dark marks.  I hope when I wash the quilt in the washing machine it just washes out all the way. I haven't had that happen before, and really dislike the dark marks!  You can't really tell from far away, so I'm not too worried about it.

I did three sets of blocks this weekend, and got a bit tired of marking, so I just did a few lines to give me a sense of the pattern and did the rest freehand. I also changed the designs a bit on these blocks and the next two sets. I was ready to be done- and some of them were just too tedious to mark or quilt.

I had all these baskets rotated so that they were point to the bottom left, and none uploaded that way.  Oh well, you still get the idea.

This weekend I also did all the sashing!  The quilt is 90% done- just have to hand stitch the binding now (which will take forever...) 

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