Sunday, August 24, 2014

Jewelry post #2

Why do I always write jewerly? Every time...

Anyhow- I think I am addicted.  I made another necklace. And then matching earrings. And then a matching anklet.  I don't plan on wearing them all together, that would be just too much; but Kevin found these perfect turtle beads, and when I finished the necklace, I had three leftover, so I had to make a whole set!

The turtles and turquoise combination evoke wonderful memories of our many trips to Mexico. I'm very excited to wear these.

I'm really enjoying the wire-wrapping, and hope to try some new techniques soon. I had an idea to make another project from the Craftsy class, but then the wires for it would have been way too expensive, so I did this one instead. I think expense is what is going to prevent me from doing much jewelry. Since I don't buy it normally, I don't save anything by making it myself.  So far, these have all been inexpensive projects, but it could really add up.

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