Sunday, August 24, 2014

Building Blocks Block 9: House Block

This was my favorite block so far. I was nervous about it- because it required a lot of precision to get all the pieces lined up, but it ended up coming out exactly the right size it was supposed to be. I felt very proud of my piecing skills.  Of course, there were no corners or points to line up.

Here are the 4 blocks:

And their backs to show off the quilting. There was quite a bit of travel stitching, especially on the roof lines.

And here is what the quilt is looking like so far! Just three more months of blocks to go. I may just go ahead and do them, I never watch the instructional videos anyway. Except the paper piecing and the curve (which I actually modified, since it wasn't meant to be a curved seam), there really wasn't a lot of skill building in this set for me. I don't regret doing it though- it still was good practice on making a lot of pieced blocks. I'm really starting to dread the part where I have to sew all these blocks together with binding strips!

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