Sunday, May 30, 2010

Daffodil Design- Totally done.

You may remember this post. It was almost a year ago, and I had to use someone else's picture to illustrate what I was going to under take. My sister was pregnant with twins, and I wanted to make something really special for their baptism. We have a heirloom gown that is passed down through the family- but only one. I wanted to do something that would be heirloom quality for the other twin, that could be passed down with the baptismal gown.

Awhile ago, I finished my biggest knitting undertaking ever. I did the crochet bind off and got this. This alone, I think was pretty impressive.
But today, today I took the next step. First, I got 26 pins and pinned out each scallop section.

Then, each of those 26 sections got 10 more pins to complete the scallop, and really stretch the whole blanket.

Isn't it just gorgeous.

I don't think you can even see the mistakes that were completely clear while knitting. (I did find a few of them while blocking. No one will ever see them, I'm sure. And in 100 years a knitting historian should know this is handmade. LOL)

So what's the finished project.

I don't think I will ever top this.


The Minears said...

It's gorgeous, amazingly beautiful. You should be very proud of yourself for persevering through this, it is most definitely an heirloom and will be treasured!

Brad & Kimber said...

W. O. W. I am thoroughly impressed

SuzyQ01 said...

Really, all I can say about this is W-O-W! That is absolutely stunning! I know this will be a treasured family heirloom for years to come. Great job!!!

Linda said...

Such a beautiful piece of knitting! It was a labor of love and it shows. Gary says to tell you it's very nice, too (he peeked over my shoulder when I squealed in amazement at it)

The Asker said...

That is a beautiful work of art. Many congratulations on your patience, perseverence and final product!

IASoupMama said...

That is GORGEOUS! Many, many congrats... Wow!