Sunday, November 28, 2010

Stocking: Complete

When my first nephew on Kevin's side was born I was informed of a family tradition: an aunt makes a Christmas stocking for the new baby. Apparently, I'm the only crafty aunt, so fulfilling this tradition falls to me. As much as I love the kiddos, I am not a stocking making fan- it's too much pressure!

After putting it off for a good amount of time, I made Rylee's stocking this weekend. The outside is a gingerbread flannel fabric from Joann's and it's lined with a cotton in a printed mitten pattern.

To make it, I traced an existing stocking and cut out the gingerbread fabric and the mitten fabric. Then we decided it would be too thin, so I basted another flannel fabric scrap to the back of the gingerbread fabric. Then, I lined the stocking and sewed it together, outlined some of the gingerbread men and added glitter, just to make it more exciting.

What I should have done is waited until I had fleece to do the white band before turning the lining to the inside, but I'm impatient and didn't do it the right way.

So once I got the fleece I added a rick rack lining to bring out the red behind the gingerbread men, and attached the fleece to the top of the stocking (it's just sewn on the top, not turned neatly), wrote the name in glitter (well actually black glitter glue, but then I dropped it in a pile of glitter- thankfully it didn't smudge! so I just glittered the next) and then I added a hanging loop- another thing I should have done before turning the lining.

It's not the best stocking ever, but I think it's pretty cute and I hope Rylee likes it.


The Asker said...

stockings are HARD to do super duper correct. good job!

Linda said...

It's very cute! She will love it!

SuzyQ01 said...

That turned out cute!

IASoupMama said...

Very cute!