Monday, October 24, 2011

Start of next quilt...

I'm taking a pictorial quilting class on We are making a coneflower quilt.

She provided the pattern, but the class teaches you how to make your own from pictures. Step one- line drawing, cut it out on freezer paper, and then iron to the TOP of the fabric.


Kristen said...

I'm doing the 'quilting basics' class on craftsy. and it actually doesn't talk about quilting at all, just everything else involved with quilts.

How is the pictorial quilting class?

Jessim said...

I think it is good. It was on half off, and I think that was a good price for it. At full price, it would be too expensive.

I almost feel like I could have learned this process just as well through a static tutorial, but the instructor rattles on a lot (a lot!) so I've picked up a few other things that you can really only get through someone with a lot of experience talking- plus she answers questions really quickly, so that is nice.

She is offering an art quilts 101 next month, and if it is half off, I'll do that one too.

Quilting basics doesn't talk about quilting? What does it cover?
The instructor I'm taking from also does a free motion quilting class, which I think might be good for me, but I'm also a little beyonod the basic level, so I think just playing around is going to be just as useful.

Kristen said...

-Tools and equipment (rotary cutter, -pins and needles, sewing machine)
-fabric (widths, jelly rolls, etc)
-the entire 'quilting' section is "go to your local quilting shop and they will quilt it FOR you, only 2 cents a square inch" or some nonsense

and tips and tricks in between.

Jessim said...

Oh, that kind of makes sense- since most people who think of quilting, actually are thinking of piecing.

Do you have a local quilt shop? Mine has classes to learn to use the longarm, and then you can rent time on it.

But for freemotion on a domestic machine, I recommend making some placemat sized sandwiches and going to Leah Day's picking some of the beginner designs and just trying them. It helps if you practice drawing them out without lifting your pencil.

Everyone tells you to get gloves, but I actually don't like them.

It also helps A TON if you can have your machine recessed into a table (I got a "Gidget" for $100 at sew vac direct) but at first I just piled textbooks to the side and back of the machine to make a flatish surface.