Thursday, December 15, 2011


The statistics class has definetly been my hardest one yet. I'm still doing well in it, but I'm feeling overwhelmed. For reasons I don't understand the last week is also always the busiest. I'm kind of going crazy.

I'm also not sleeping well, which doesn't really help the stressed feeling.

Then, I have Christmas presents to finish up. Need to make R's gift, 2 pillowcases to wrap the Cs's gifts, and hopefully at least two more kitchen towels.

I'm looking forward to seeing family for Christmas, but wish we weren't going to Austin. I'm so worried about the weather for the drive (17 hours is a long drive- now imagine it with snow...), and upset that I won't get to spend ANY of my vacation from school sewing. If you've been keeping track of the fabric purchases, I clearly have some projects planned. Going home is so tiring- I need a vacation from vacation.

I do have to say, I'm super glad I went with the sewing machine with embroidery (I've been having some buyer's remorse and wondering if I should have gone for the top of the line Brother rather than the mid range Bernina). Here are some kitchen towels I've made. All designs are from


Michelle said...

Don't regret your decision. It will last you a really long time.

I know what you mean about a vacation from a vacation. I don't really enjoy traveling. Can you read, sew, etc while traveling? I can't. I would be car sick in no time.

Try to make the best of it. Do you listen to audiobooks while you travel? Find some you and hubby both like. It makes the trip go so much faster! You can check them out of your library, or find some at Goodwill!

Have a wonderful Christmas Jessi!

Kristen said...

those towels are beautiful. Are they hand-woven/loomed by you as well?

Linda said...

Your towels look great! And I know what you mean about traveling. We decided not to go to Iowa for Christmas--too long a drive, to much potential for weather issues. But it makes for a sad grandmother who misses grandchildren terribly.

Linda said...

The towels look great!

SuzyQ01 said...

Wow...that is a long drive. I understand the need for a vacation after the vacation, but it will be nice to be with family for Christmas. We are going home, but driving is NOT in the cards - that would be a coast to coast drive and flying is so much easier. Have fun and take along some knitting...I'm sure your needles have missed you :)