Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thread Reviews, #2

I have more thread reviews today. I have to apologize. I picked pretty colors for the photos that 1) I thought would go together and 2) that were new spools so you could see relative size, and then I realized the light pink and light purple wouldn't show up well on my test fabric.

Here are today's spools.  This includes two threads that I use A LOT: Essential and Isacord.  I have tons and tons of both of these threads, they are my 'tried and true's.  These samples were made in the same manner as the last, but I think I had Bottom Line in the bottom.

Connecting Threads Essential, Isacord, MetroEmb Sigma

 Onto the reviews:
Thread Name: Essential

Brand: Connecting Threads
Yardage: 1200 yards
Material: 100% long staple cotton
Where did I buy it:
Cost: $2.79 per spool, free shipping with $50 order. They are often on sale for even less, or available in discounted sets.
Cost per yard: 0.2325¢
Overall Impressions: A great bargain thread. Matte finish.
1) Runs nicely through the machine.
2) Comes in tons of colors 
3) Inexpensive and easily available, with free shipping
4) Nice for piecing where I don't like to use poly.
1) Thick.  It says it is a 50 wt, but it is SO much heavier than anything that size.  Not good for much travel stitching (those thick lines in the sample are traveling ONCE) or micro-quilting.
2) Occasionally I will get breakage. I had one color that broke 5 times in an hour of quilting.
3) Can be linty.  Just clean your machine every bobbin.
Will I buy it again: Yes.  This is an affordable thread and I love to use it for quick stippling on a charity quilt.  I match the bobbin thread to my top thread and it always looks great. I also use it for most of my piecing. 

Thread Name: Metro (the purple in the design)

Brand: Metro Embroidery
Yardage: 1000 meters
Material: 100% polyester
Where did I buy it:

Cost: $0.89 + $0.89 shipping (Shipping was $1.78 for two spools)
Cost per meter: 0.178¢
Overall Impressions: For such an inexpensive thread, it performed pretty well.  Kind of in-between shiny and matte.
1) Super fast shipping. I ordered on Wednesday and got it on Friday. 
2) Incredible price. One of the least expensive threads I've ever seen.
3) Available in big (1000 m) or bigger (5000 m) spools.
1) Wasn't the smoothest thread, but a HUGE improvement over the metro.
2) Made in China
Will I buy it again: Probably not. I just like other options more, and even though this is so much cheaper, I think it is worth spending the money for something better.

Thread Name: Isacord

Brand: I don't know, I've only ever seen it called Isacord.
Yardage: 1000 meters
Material: 100% polyester
Where did I buy it:

Cost: $3.45; shipping I paid $7.48 for 10 spools; $4.20 total
Cost per meter: 0.42¢

Overall Impressions: This is a wonderful thread. It was my favorite up until recently and now I think it is a tie (you'll read the others in the next review).  Fabulous for fine detail quilting.
1) Thin thread, wonderful for travel stitching and micro-quilting
2) Runs great through my machine.
3) Available in big (1000 m) or bigger (5000 m) spools.
4) Inexpensive, readily available (including semi-locally for me, but more expensive)
1) ?????
Will I buy it again: Yes. And I'll use the huge number of spools I already have. I love this thread. But, I decided on a different one for the Play With Color quilt.

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Susan Owenby said...

what a nice experiment. Thanks for sharing your results!