Sunday, April 25, 2010

Two posts in one day :)

Here's the blanket so far. Um- you can see this blanket as a LONG way to go. The side of each square is about 2 inches. I'm thinking I'll probably do 20 squares across for the base row, this only has 6 so far. Every 20 or so squares I'm going to do a "double" (which has the area of 4 squares) like the rainbow one in this picture.

And a sneak peak of the front entry way- Kevin is in the process of grouting it.
Do you like the diamond tile? Kevin thought to add that detail and I think it looks nice- and his cuts are SO good.


Linda said...

Both projects look great!

kevin-marks said...

Two things: 1. I don't see six squares, I only see five; 2. That picture of the tile is nauseating. It's like it was taken leaning over backwards or something.

SuzyQ01 said...

Nice job on both projects!