Monday, June 6, 2011

Freeskate Dress

So this was Another weekend filled with glueing rhinestones. This one for. My freeskate program. My intention was to really bling up the red dress and do this one lighter, but apparently I spaced them too far apart on the red dress because the opposite happened. This one has about twice as many stones.

There was no clear way too adorn this dress like the red one, so I did a lot of sparkle on the straps, and then random outlining of the curves of the flowers. My coach had suggested i outline one or.two flowers but it looked weird and fought with the velvet design so I did this instead.

It looks kind of goofy up close, but when I take off my glasses and its a bit blurry, it just adds all over sparkle, so i'm hoping that is how it will translate from a distance.

Competition is this weekend! Then onto quilting! (except next month I am taking two graduate classes, so I will have even less crafting time.)


SuzyQ01 said...

I think it will look great out there on the ice! Good luck on your competition and your upcoming classes!

Linda said...

It's beautiful :) Good luck on your competition.