Sunday, July 31, 2011


What's this stack? Well, it's an I-spy quilt in the making!

I learned about I-Spy quilts recently when a long time friend posted about one on her blog. (I actually didn't see this original post, I only found out she had a blog a few months ago. But she mentioned it recently.) I just loved this idea. The idea is that you make a quilt with a huge number of patterned fabric, then, you can play I-Spy with it, the Mom gets to sit on the couch, the kids on the floor racing to find the right fabric.

I don't have any kids, but I do have a bundle of nephews, a niece, and another one on the way. Surely one of them would love to play with this quilt. (I'm thinking maybe two somewhat, but not exactly, matching quilts for the twins? They never got quilts as babies.)

But how to get so many different fabrics? The same way I got all the yarn for my mitred square blanket (which has been set aside until the winter- too hot!) Ravelry swap! I started an "I Spy" swap, and now there are 2 groups of 12 spots, each of whom will send 12 5" squares in 5 different fabrics. At the end of this swap- I'll have 120 different fabrics (I bet there area few repeats). That's plenty to make a quilt, and maybe enough to do 2.

So which fabrics am I sending? Well, I'm in both of the groups, so I have to swap 10 different fabrics. Here are the ones I picked:

Also, I apologize. I can't hold my camera phone still to save my life.


Kristen said...

woah! i totally have taht purple fabric!!!

This is a great idea!

SuzyQ01 said...

That's a great idea! You need to post pics of the fabrics you get back.