Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jessi vs. The Models

One of my new year's resolutions is to dress more professionally at work. This will be accomplished by not wearing a fleece jacket every single day (I do have two of them... so it isn't always the SAME fleece jacket...). To help facilitate that, I have bought a number of blazers (4 from Coldwater Creek this month- that brings me up to 6 total, though one is really more of a casual jacket than blazer). I just got 3 in the mail yesterday.

For the most part, I like the way I look in jackets. These pictures make me look 200 pounds, but in real life, I find that they are actually kind of slimming. Blazers, unlike pants, make me feel little because I still wear a small (a petite small)! It's actually a little annoying because most of the Coldwater Creek jackets are sized as P6-8, and they are huge on me. I need a P6, and then, just the sleeves are too big.

And thank you Coldwater Creek for great sales! These three blazers were all originally $129. All three together were just under $100 :)

And now, Jessi vs. The Models

(Sorry, I'm linking- photos aren't playing nice with the blog post)
On the model: The jacket seems to be a short cut jacket.
On Jessi: Petty well full length.

However, I LOVE this one. My favorite for sure.

On the model, very slim fit:
On Jessi: Boxy and linebacker shoulders. (The back is great though- the shaping makes it look very slim)

On the model:
Young and hip.
On Jessi:
I look like a grandma.

Also- all the models wear the jackets open. Kevin tells me this is NOT allowed. It makes me look wide :( Luckily, they all look cute closed.

I need to find some non-black pants. These don't look great with black pants.

Any opinions on the jackets? Do I look like a little kid playing dress up in my grandmothers clothes? Would you highly recommend I return either of the last two? (They still have tags).

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Linda said...

Let's see a pic with one of the jackets open. With all due respect to Kevin, if the models wear them open, maybe there is a reason?