Monday, January 30, 2012

Ruined weekend...

Things I was looking forward to this weekend:
1) Watching nationals (figure skating)
2) Quilting

Things I did not get to do this weekend
1) Watch nationals
2) Quilt

Why not?
Watching nationals made me nauseated from the movement, if I was even able to sit upright. Quilting was impossible since I can't use my right arm.

Why? Because I took a stupid fall ice skating and sprained my wrist. You always think of a sprain as better than a break, but I'm not sure. I think anything I've called a sprain before may not have been. I've never experienced anything like this. I have almost no movement in my wrist. I fell Saturday, and only now can I totally move my fingers without pain (but I can't use them on anything weight bearing, like zipping a jacket, or opening an envelope.) My range of motion has improved from about 5 degrees downward and 0 upward to about 15 downward, and a little less than 5 upward (though I'm in the brace most of the time). My pain has moved from an 8 on the hyperbole and a half pain scale (10 on the regular one) to maybe a 4/6. (The regular pain scale is all smiling faces, I'm not smiling.)

The lortab + ibprofeun combo seems to fight the pain, but makes me so sick- hence no nationals. Today I only took 1 lortab, so I'm going to attempt to go to work tomorrow on ibprofeun alone. We'll see- I may have to come home mid-day...

If it snows, I'll have to have Kevin to drive me to work. One hand driving is for perfect weather only. Not sure how productive I'll be. I can only type with my left hand, and cannot write at all.


Michelle said...

Feel better soon!

SuzyQ01 said...

Sorry you are hurting! Please take it easy and definitely no one-handed driving in the snow!

Kristen said...

You had to resort to the Hypoerbole and a Half scale of pain? Poor Jessi. Hugs for you.