Sunday, November 25, 2012

Quick Strip Paper Piecing

I took this class from and it was fabulous.  It cost about $20, and with it I think there were 5 different block patterns, each with about 3 project variations.

I had never paper pieced before, so I made a block to practice, which I posted earlier, than skipped to a trickier block and made a wall hanging.
This wall hanging is made from the block "Sailor's Delight"- a variation of Mariner's compass.

The strip piecing methods meant it went very fast, but I did make some mistakes- you have to be very careful when cutting the blocks apart from the strip to take notice to where the fabric will cover.  Most of what I did wrong was in the seam allowance though, so it was no big deal.

I love the precision of paper piecing.  Peggy Martin recommends removing the paper from the block before assembling, so some of it isn't as precise, but in the whole quilt, I think I only lost 2 points.  Pretty impressive :)

This is hanging in our entryway right now.  Even if you've paper pieced before, I highly recommend this class.  I just love Craftsy- all the quilting classes have been great.

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Linda said...

I really like this! Paper piecing is the only way I would ever tackle complicated patterns like this--you did a good job with this one.

I'm just starting to try Craftsy classes. Thanks for the class recommendation. :)