Sunday, December 2, 2012

Side Set Table Runner

I have a class card to my LQS that allows me take unlimited classes for 6 months.  I try to go once a month to 'get my money's worth', though sometimes that actually means spending more money.

They recently had a class called "Side Set Table Runner" that sounded promising.  We need a Christmas table runner, so I called, and the kit was only $24, which seemed really reasonable for  fun afternoon and a table runner.

Luckily, when I got there I found beautiful Christmas kits.
What I also found is the quoted kit price didn't include the required ruler!  The Nifty Notions Side Setting Triangle ruler was another $20!!!  Grr, so much for an affordable afternoon.

 This ruler is a monster, which makes the price a litter more palatable, way bigger than I imagined, and it does nice work of taking the math out of side setting triangles, but the thing is, I'm good at math, so eh.  Still, since I now have it, I will probably use it.  I hate the whole 'cut for the cure' thing though (I don't like people using cancer to market products, which is what most of the pink washing is, very little actual benefit to the cause), which is one of the reasons I have never bought rulers from Pine Needles, besides the fact that specialty rulers are really expensive, and generally not necessary.

The very good news is I love the table runner I made.  I did all the piecing of the top at the class, came home and found backing fabric in my stash, quilted it up and bound it (binding was in the kit).  I then spent Thanksgiving adding crystals to it while the rest of the family watched football.
The kit had enough fabric that a good amount of the white and red got cut up to use in the wreath I'll blog about next.

I hope to make more of these runners- 4 squares fits our table really nicely, though maybe I'll do just 3 next time, as we roll up the ends to eat, Kevin likes to sit at the end of the table.

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