Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ready for a New Project

So awhile ago, I remember reading a blog doing a super mario quilt-along.  I recently saw it again and thought "why didn't I do that?"  Kevin has decided he definetly needs that quilt, so I'm going to do it.

The wash away interfacing used for the quilt costs almost a hundred dollars, even on sale- that would be a huge chunk of change.  Instead, I am using Pellon 44F Fusible interfacing, it costs 99 cents a yard, and I got it half off! 

This is the sample I made with it to make sure it would be okay to quilt and not too stiff once it was washed.  It is a little thick, but it still drapes okay. (And really with all those seams so close together, I think no matter what it would be thick.)  The quilting on it was difficult- it won't be easy to do, but it is manageable.

Not totally perfectly, but man- the precision on this piecing is way better than I would have ever done without the interfacing method.

So now I just need to get together all the fabrics, and then I have a big project ahead of me!

(Other big project: snowflake quilt.  Just a few left, but I ran out of motivation and interest in that one....  it will get done eventually.)

So Joann was coupon commotion so I was able to get some  good 50% off deals:
15 yards Pellon 44F: $7.43
10 yards Wonder Under: $14.95
45MM Rotary Cutter (a new ergonomic one): $8
Cheapo 4-scissor pack: $3  (figured these won't last long, but seemed worth trying)

Since I have 3,888 squares to cut out for the Mario quilt, I'm excited about the new rotary cutter!

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Patti said...

May I give you one more suggestion for your Mario project? Magic Sizing! It's 97 cents in Target and Walmart. In laundry isle. I would never in a million bajillion years use the stuff the other website is suggesting. I mean what a lot of work! Get some size, make another sample and see what works.

Here's what ya do. When I'm going to use a piece of fabric in a quilt, depending on how large it is I lay it on the floor or on my ironing board. I spray Magic Size to the back until its drenched. Pretty darn wet. Walk away and do something else, spray more pieces or do some sewing but forget it. Depending, I let it dry completely or til there is just a hint of moisture. Then iron it. This piece of fabric should be as stiff as a board. Depending on the quality of fabric. If its a very loose weave it will be a little floppier.

I use this on EVERY protect, makes your piecing very precise. On your block I would even size my seams when I'm pressing. It will make those little buggers behave like no ones business. Especially as all those seams start coming together and you find when your pressing you accidentally send one seam in the wrong direction, hit with size. I don't drench it at this time. Only drench the fabric the first time.

I hope you try this. Your block will be very stiff but once washed it will be back to normal. But don't wash it until you've quilted and bound it.