Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Work In Progress Wednesday

One of my goals for the new year is to blog a bit more.  Since I rarely blogged last year, hopefully I can meet it.   One thing I am going to try to do is update WIP Wednesday.  It is a really big link up party, so I'm not sure many people will visit my blog from it (since I'll have to blog at the end of the day) but it is a fun way to find other people's blogs- so I am looking forward to finding them.
Today the reason I can post right now is I am skipping Sh'Bam (my wednesday workout).  I did something to my feet and it hurts to walk.  It is like I have blisters on the bottom of my left foot toe and on the top of my right foot toe, but they aren't blisters.  Web searching leads me to believe I may have frost nip or Chilblains (except it doesn't itch).  Hopefully whatever it is, it goes away soon.  It has gotten gradually worse over the past week- which is one of the reasons these blocks are WIPS, not finished.  I couldn't stand long enough to work on them New Years Day, and had to stop.
So these blocks have all had their horizontal seams sewn, but not the vertical ones yet.

I also started Leah Day's "Express Your Love" quilt.  I am going to do raw edge fusing to put it together. Assuming I have enough fabric for it- I can't buy anymore!  It is a much bigger quilt than I thought it would be!

The other WIP is the Snowflake quilt, no further progress has been made on that one.

And I just took Laura Wasislowski's Craftsy class- and it was amazing and now I want to make a bunch of fused quilts!

WIP Wednesday

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Mareenchen said...

Hi, stopping by from WIP Wednesday! I sure hope you'll get better soon. Your pixel blocks are coming along nicely, so why worry about time too much? Did you find the cutting process as tiring as me - I'm working on a Yoshi quilt atm and it felt like it would never stop.Lol.