Sunday, January 27, 2013

Quilting update

Sunday is dedicated to finishing up long lasting projects. I did a bunch of this:
Which means I got a good chunk of the large snowflake done.
I also prewashed the white fabric that will be the sashing!

MLK Day I finished sewing all the Mario Squares and all week long I've been pressing them.  Today, Kevin layed them out how he wants the quilt.  I need to cut sashing and assemble now.  I'm pretty excited about this one!

 (Sorry, no idea why that loads sideways.  It looks right until I submit.)


Kelly Vetch said...

I love the Mario quilt. Coolest thing ever!

LynCC said...

Wowow!! That snowflake is amazing. Love the organza. Is it hard to quilt on? And the Mario Bros quilt is going to be adorable.