Friday, April 26, 2013

A little vanity...

I liked my hair so much before work this morning I made Kevin take a picture of it.

Want to know how long it took me to style it?  About 30 seconds.

All I did was put a little gel on it to help prevent it from frizzing too much during the day. (I did have to walk in the wind to work, so it is a little bigger now, but still looks nice.)

I finally learned the secret to curly hair! Plopping and pineapples (oh, and step 1: have curly hair).

When I get out of the shower at night, I lay an extra large t-shirt over the (closed) toilet, flip my head upside down, and then plop my hair into the middle of it.  Then, you wind up the edges of the t-shirt like a turban and wear it for a few hours to let your hair dry.  Unlike the traditional towel turban, this set up doesn't catch any of the hair in the twisting- so it lets the curls set into their natural shape with no pulling. 

Then, when you go to bed you can sleep in that (but I don't like to because it has a knot in the back of your head) or put your hair in a "pineapple"- just a really high ponytail, but named because the ridges of curly hair make the back of your head look like one. So flip your head upside down again, loop a loose scrunchy (don't tie tight) around your hair, I do it twice for a 'dew drop' on top of my head and go to sleep looking ridiculous. (I also find this is good for any sleeping, because it puts the ponytail too high to sleep on.)  I've been told pineapple works for 'second day' hair too, but I haven't tried it.

So then the next morning, untie your hair, shake your head, and if you are lucky (I think luck does play a part) your hair is perfectly curled and ready for the day.

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Courtney said...

Love it!! Your hair is so long.