Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mario Quilt Done!

I've had this mostly done for a long time, but I finally put the binding on. (I really hate binding, and I do it by machine- I still hate it.)

So last week I sewed the binding to the back, last night I figured out how to do the seamless join of the two ends of the binding (4 tries to get it right- I did it "right" on the second time, but there was a twist, then I did it correct- but I had about an inch too much binding for the quilt, then I got it!)

Then today it got washed, I fixed a couple areas of the quilting that had thread bunches (I am not sure if that is from the batik, or from the interfacing in the quilt, it was weird) and all done!

The back isn't too interesting.  Kevin picked a batik with kind of a brick pattern, and colors that he said remind him of Bowser's castle.  The black strip is because I had just barely not enough.
I put a label on like a good quilter.  I won't use this font again, the word quilter looks weird (though slightly better in real life than the photo.)
This quilt is for Kevin, though of course, as soon as I put it down (to pin color catchers on the red- but I prewashed, so no issue...) Elsa claimed it:


Susan said...

Woot! You did it! Looks fantastic, the whole house is lucky to have it. :)

I'm in the middle of what I swear is the world's biggest Bowser Clown Car. Check it out!

Susan said...

Oh, I forgot to mention. .. The shy guy square is my favorite. What can I say - I have a soft spot for baddies. I made one like it as "practice" for the bowser quilt that I intend to turn into a pillow. I'll be sure and show it to you sometime.