Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sorry- it has been a really long time.

I can't even remember the last time I blogged...
Is anyone still out there?

Since it has been so long, you'd think I have tons of projects to share- but mostly, I've just been doing machine embroidery. Christmas shirts, birthday presents, and I've started tackling onesies.  Not for me!

The first onesies I made are for one of my childhood best friends, who is expecting her third child and first girl. I made 4 for her- but only have a photo of 3, oops
There is a bit of a baby boom going on in our neighborhood and later this summer we are having a baby shower for 5 neighbors together! (Another neighbor just had her baby, and she got a personalized onesie, the same flip flop design as above, since 1) I knew that baby's name and 2) I didn't have this design yet.)
But for the 5 new Moms, I made onesies that celebrate out neighborhood.  My neighborhood is the best!

I also made 3 onesies for my first college roommate. But all three are for her! Her triplets are celebrating their first birthday next month.
The 3 month size is the smallest I'll embroider- they are still really tough, and I've had a few mishaps where the needle has caught extra fabric and caused a giant mess; but these are much easier than I thought they would be. I had always heard onesies are really really hard!

I'll try to share more of my projects soon.

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