Saturday, May 17, 2014

Building Blocks: Post 2

This is the block from February. For these 9 patches I actually used pins, and still my corners weren't too great. These seams are pressed open, and I think maybe nesting seams pressed to the side would help.  I know various quilters have various opinions about what makes more precise piecing.  Leah Day likes open seams, but I'm not sure if that is for piecing reasons or because she finds them easier to quilt (I know she's said that).  All I know is no matter which way I do it, they don't line up well.

All the seam allowances made these ones really hard to trace. I really should have gotten a circle template like we had in engineering school, because my traced circles were not really good, so of course, my quilted circles aren't that great either.

Here are the traced blocks:

And here are the blocks with quilting:

And the back of the blocks.  Really, except the circles not being circular, I'm pretty happy with the quilting.  One thing I'm not too thrilled with is the way the pattern is designed these will get cut down to 8" blocks (about on the edge line of the quilting, though those aren't 100% accurate) so the outside of each pattern gets cut off.  I might cut 1/4" outside that line, so that IT gets covered with the binding strip, but the quilting pattern doesn't.  But I'm not sure.

This would have probably been easier to read if I kept the blocks in the same order for each section. But moving pictures around on blogger is surprisingly hard.  Sorry!

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