Sunday, May 18, 2014

Building Blocks: Post 3

I'm quickly catching up on this quilt-along, even only being able to sew for a short amount at any one time. (I go in Friday for new x-rays. Hopefully the bone has healed and I can remove the neck brace. And hopefully the neck brace and the weird posture it puts me in is the cause of the pain, and I feel better next weekend!)

It kinda makes me wonder if I am going to stick with 'along', or if I should just go through the blocks at my own pace. The thing is, for a few blocks, I might need the video instruction.

Anyhow- this block was super easy to piece. The outsides are wider than the inside strips because, remember, this gets trimmed to 8" squares before assembly.

As before, I found some of the tracing difficult. It is hard to do long lines because the fabric shifts. And because I am tracing the circles, they aren't that accurate. (Sorry the writing block is rotated. It isn't on my computer then turns when I upload it and I can't turn it back)

 And here is the quilting (I don't get it. Here the writing block is upside down!).  You can see my circles need a lot of work. Writing words is probably the easiest, though tracing is easier to do than free handing them (but that is because my handwriting is awful):

And the back of the blocks. I don't really have any issues with these. I think overall they are pretty good.

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LJ said...

Hi, I'm glad to see your blocks. I, too, am doing catch-up with the QAL. I don't have a good excuse like your medical issues; mine is just that other things interfere and take precedence. Just keep plugging along - I am doing the same. I think your quilting looks great! Do you know that out of the 7 link-ups on Leah's blogsite, your is the only one that has to do with the Building Blocks QAL? I don't understand...I thought the link-up was supposed to be for people who were sharing their progress on the Building Blocks pattern. Keep on, keeping on. Good luck with the doctor.