Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

This is me watching the turkey frying. Apparently it CAN be done inside (it's an electric one) but then the whole house smells like oil. Tried to get some knitting in, but at 33 degrees (F), it was just too cold for my hands. In the 45 minutes I was out there I did 3 rows (another "Pretty Thing" cowl)

And the not a snuggy is the warmest thing ever. Unlike the snuggy it goes around the back too. MMM- warm, and microfleece lining.

Did a bit of pre-black friday shopping. The Loopy Ewe has some sales going on and I got some sKnitches Bebop and some Noro Kureyon sock. I'm very excited. (And think this will be my Loopy Groupie order)

Watching the Texas A&M/Texas game and am glad Texas A&M is holding their own. My MIL is not. She'd be much happier with a Texas blow-out I think. And she's a big yeller while watching games. FIL is more even headd. He's a ref, so even calls against Texas he can generally see as "good" calls (when they are). I think rivalry games are better close. That way no one in the house is super sad. Although I generally prefer A&M to get the win, I just want them to do that, not ruin Texas's season, so instead I'm just hoping A&M is very close- I'd like to see Texas get the national championship. Yeah, I'm a bad Aggie. But it just made me so homesick to hear Noble Men of Kyle in the background of the TV. I miss A&M.


Linda said...

Happy Thanksgiving to my friend, the Iowa Eskimo!

SuzyQ01 said...

You look quite comfy in the non-snuggie! Hope you had a great thanksgiving :)

Shanna said...

I was glad it was a good game. It was super fun to be at and Kyle and I stood on the sidelines the whole time!! And the band is awesome, but I think it was better when we were in school still... doesn't quite feel the same for me anymore.

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!!!