Monday, February 1, 2010

Wow, I'm bad at blogging.

But- I have excuses. One of the reasons I'm bad at blogging is I can only do it from home, and the computer is downstairs. And it's freezing downstairs. Therefore, I rarely go down there during the winter. I try to remember to update on weekends when Kevin has his laptop home, and upstairs, but then the second excuse comes into play. Blog posts without pictures are boring- and I don't have pictures. So that's why I never update.

But here, here is a post that will have no pictures.

Knitting round-up:
Fireworks socks: Finished and fabulous. Will post pictures eventually.
Dad's socks: First one is finished, and getting ready to be sent to Austin. I won't start the second until I get his comments. It fit's Kevin well, so hopefully it will fit Dad too. I'm most worried about the leg being baggy. I ribbed the gusset, so it should fit regardless of the size of his arch.
Tiger Socks: Started last night and restarted last night. The Opal 6-ply is THICK. I'm doing 44 stitches for my sock. I started with 48 and had to rip out. But this yarn knits fast because it's bulky, and faster because it's fun to watch to see what stripe will come next. Still thinking these will be knee highs, but I'm not sure. I think these will stay at work, so they will be slow going.
Daffodil Design: Slow progress, but almost there! I didn't do any knitting on it this weekend or last. It's not going to get finished that way.
Hearts Afire: February Sock Knitters Anon sockdown sock. Will use Fuschia Wollmeise.

Why have I not done any Daffodil Design?
Well, last weekend was my birthday weekend, we hosted a party, and then I knit Dad's sock on Sunday. So there was no knitting time. This weekend, well, the house has been a disaster because we are redecorating. There hasn't been SPACE for me to sit and concentrate on lace knitting. We took all the furniture and stuff out of our green room, and it's all over the living room. This doesn't get in the way of sock knitting but I need a tranquil space to concentrate for lace! We (mostly Kevin) scraped all the popcorn off the ceiling, then Kevin primed the walls and ceiling, then we selected paint and new flooring, and Kevin painted the ceiling, and tonight we will paint the walls. Probably this weekend we'll get started on the flooring and reinstalling the baseboards. Our entire upstairs, minus kitchen and bathroom, will be laminate wood flooring. I'm very excited about this, but a little nervous- what if we spend all the money and then it doesn't look good?

Also- did you know laminate is less expensive than carpet. Weird...


Linda said...

I love the way the laminate looks. It really makes rooms light up with a pretty glow and it's so easy to maintain. You will love it, too.

Lisa said...

I'll bet your house will be gorgeous when it's done. IMO, you can't go wrong with laminate! And I feel your pain on the "no pictures" issue. I hate fooling with pics for the blog too!

SuzyQ01 said...

I love laminate...and when you compare the cost of materials for carpet, pad AND installation, laminate is much more wallet friendly (and easy to install). I love mine - its great with shedding animals too! I can't wait to see the finished project - I'm thinking a play day is in store soon :)