Saturday, February 27, 2010

Olympic knitting is finished!

I have finished my Olympic knitting. (Due to a "no kneeling or squatting" order from my PT, I can't block it, but I'm placing this in the "win" column, because with two days left- I clearly have time to block it otherwise, AND it's a knitting contest for me, not a blocking one. The alpaca hat is 2 years old, worn constantly, and still hasn't had the ends woven in. It's about knitting for me.)

So anyhow- I made the seascape stole, but it's really more of a seascape scarf, even with agressive blocking, it is going to be very narrow. I did an extra repeat for length, and so glad I did- this thing is tiny.

Elsa is pretending to be a cat, and helping me take a picture. I decided that was cute enough, so you get no good picture of what it actually looks like. Later- I promise.

On an Olympic note- I love ever minute of them- I watch every sport except hockey. I can't get myself to care about hockey. But the absolute highlight of the game for me was Mirai Nagasu's long program- and even more than that, her "Oh my gosh" and ecstatic cheering as the final standings were announced- never before have I seen an athlete be so excited to have just missed the podium. But man, there were so many doubters when she was named to the Olympic team, and boy did she show them. WOW- what a skater. Hopefully she and Rachel skate just as well at World's and the USA gets it's 3 spots back.

Today we start priming the living room, and need to go find a nice neutral beige-ish color for it. How boring.


Linda said...

Hooray for the scarf! Boo for the bad knee! I watched lots of skating and sledding and skiing and even curling just because your enthusiasm was so contagious--thank you very much. Good luck on your painting project. I hate beige!

Skittl1321 said...

I don't really like beige either- I love my red and blue walls (and the orange looks good with it, though I never fell in love with that color) but real estate people always say to make your house so that other people can see what they would do to it, and not just see what you did to it.

IASoupMama said...

Sorry about the beige... and the ouchies...

Elsa is a super model and your project looks just lovely!

I adored Mirai's reaction, too. She's so darn adorable, I could just eat her up! Felt bad for Rachel's downgrades, she clearly didn't expect them and skated really well. Yu-Na was lovely, but I wish she'd extend through her fingertips. Mao looked like she'd just been beaten with a stick instead of winning a silver medal -- poor girl. And Joannie, well, I love her posture and use of her upper body and was glad to see her medal.

SuzyQ01 said...

Yay! Glad you got your project done :) Elsa makes the perfect model - my cats would do the same thing. good luck with the painting...I am not a huge fan of beige either, but it's better than white and I think it will look just fine. Look on the bright side - after you move you can paint the new place with a more colorful palette!