Sunday, March 7, 2010

Firework socks

I had posted about these socks quite awhile ago, but for some reason, they never got a photoshoot. (Perhaps because I never wove the ends in...)
This yarn is Wild Funnies from Dibadu. The colorway is Feuerwerk (or something like that...) and I am 99.9% sure that means "Firework", and the colors definetly say that. Wild Funnies is a yarn designed to pool, so these socks are just plain stockinette that way the pooling colors can be the main feature of the sock.

I love pooling, and I love the way these pooled! What's so weird is that the first sock I made pooled in a giant column, showing the gorgeous colors in an amazing way, and then when I switched needles for the foot (I do the feet at a tighter gauge, for durability and because my feet are tiny and my calves are not)- they switched to spiral pooling. Cool! Then, I did the second sock, and it began spiral pooling right away. I figured when I switched for the foot, the pooling pattern would change again- nope, it didn't! The feet of the two socks are almost identical. Weird.

When I saw how the column pooling was working, I spent a bit of time thinking about how I wanted that oriented on my leg. I decided it should go on the sides, so I attached the heel so that the front of the sock is mostly black and pink. (I love black and pink...) Chances are, no one will ever see this detail- so everyone marvel at it now... The only thing I don't like about this sock is the heel, with the colors all seperated by black, they don't work together well, like they do when they are put next to each other. The first time I used this yarn, it did that on the leg- it looked so bad. So I pulled it out and set the yarn aside. When using pooling yarns, gauge is a big deal, and the make or break it between ugly and lovely.
And here's the best news of all. is now translated into English! (I think you still will need to email about shipping to the USA, it doesn't seem to be "set"- also, log in an account- the VAT disappears and the prices go way down...) When I bought this yarn, the site was all in German- I just guessed where everything might be (a shop is a shop right? Language will not get into the way of yarn aquisiton) and then emailed the owner to make sure she could ship to the USA, and it all worked out.
After knitpicks releases their spring yarns, if I don't spend too much money, I want more Dibadu yarns. What is it about German sock yarns? Wollmeise, Dibadu, Opal, ONline? I just can't get enough!
What am I working on now? The other sock for my Dad, and finishing up our "remodel". It will be a LONG time before we get pictures of that though...

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SuzyQ01 said...

that yarn is gorgeous! The difference in the pooling is strange but beautiful! Let me know when you want to place a knitpicks order...I need more needles, and maybe more yarn LOL