Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend Warmies

Here are the handknit ones! Super quick- just a few hours today and most of yesterday.
(So to save $12, should I send an itemizd bill? Yarn $4, Knitting 10 hours @ $10 per hour- legwarmers $104?)

Want to make some too? Just knit a tube with ribbing on the other end :)
Need more direction than that? Here's what I did?
(I didn't measure the gauge but it will be between 8-9 st/in based on other use of that yarn with this size needle)

The yarn is Knitpicks Stroll Multi, (less than 1 ball, and a ball is 50 grams- this is a small project- but any sock yarn should do- check out the new Stroll Tonals WOW!) I used US size 1.5 and US size 2 DPNs. I knit with only 4 DPNs, but you could use 5, or a circular small-circumference knitting method.

With size US1.5 needles CO 44 stitches.

K1, P1 for 12 rows. (approx 1 in)

Switch to size US2 needles, knit 74 rows (approx 7 in)

Switch to size US1.5 needles, K1, P1, for 12 rows (approx 1 in)

C/O using JSSBO.

-These seem so small, but I could get them onto my arm, so they should work…

Want to knit it? You can add yours to Ravelry here. (Yeah, I know it's a silly pattern to offer- but it's my first ever!)

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SuzyQ01 said...

Those turned out really cute!