Sunday, March 21, 2010

So Linda will stop asking for pictures...

Here is a picture of the doors.

They have blind-in windows that look much nicer than our older "after market" ones, but the mechanism to open them is one-to-one so it's more of a pain then the older one which was just a short slider. The handle is also on the inside now (which confused Elsa because the door opened the wrong way- she's figured it out) so the locks turn in different direction! The deadbolt turns towards the outside door and the knob lock turns away from it. At least they are both "up and down" when they are locked!

The contractor said we were the first people he's installed these doors for who got screens. They are neat double screens, so they usually sit behind the right hand door. They can be easily removed if we ever wanted it completely open. Guess we can get giant furniture now.

Notice the floor is a disaster. We are tiling in front of the doors to prevent water damage to the laminate (also to catch Elsa's muddy paws before she is all the way in, so we have to do that before we can put anymore laminate down.)


Linda said...

The doors look really nice! Good idea to get the tiles in front of the door. Oh, I hope you get it all finished and have time to enjoy it before you want to sell it and move out!

SuzyQ01 said...